Ks Sabarinathan Responding Cyber Attacks Towards Divya S Iyer Ks Sabarinathan: Pathanamthitta collector Divya S Iyer who came with her baby on the public stage has been widely criticized in social media. The Collector’s husband and Youth Congress leader KS Sabarinathan responded to the criticism that the Collector saw the program as funny and not replicable. Sabrinathan’s response is in a Facebook post.

“Since taking charge as Pathanamthitta collector, I have felt that Divya is on 24-hour duty. Meetings and activities in the district are from 10 am to 8 pm, and after that, when I get home, I play and laugh with my son till midnight. Children have a sensor in their mind, no matter how happy they sit with us, they will look for their mother at 8 pm, and the one who was laughing with us till then will cry. If Divya comes then only she is enough, everyone else is ‘get out.

Divya will try to set aside Sundays completely for him. Divya will try her best to avoid non-official meetings and travel. But, sometimes some programs have to go because of loving compulsion. It is unequivocally said that the son will also be brought in such programs. The organizers are happy about it. In a program that went off happily, the video that was kindly posted by the deputy speaker, Mr. Chittayam Gopakumar, who is also its organizer, is now being discussed.

In a way, this discussion is essential –
This is not just a matter of a Divya, but the majority of working women overcome many difficulties and difficulties and stand firmly on their own feet. I still remember my childhood when I sat with my mother in her Malayalam class at Karamana College during school vacations. At least half of the criticism will be reduced if we learn how many difficulties are overcome by women who manage various roles as wives and mothers and continue working. Everyone should know that the world is changing in an era where ‘work from home is a slogan after covid.

Many working mothers face the office version of the mental challenges faced by Jaya, the heroine of ‘Jaya Jaya Jaya Jayahe’. It is common in society to hide that they are not interested in work and are behind the child. I have firsthand knowledge that there is a glass ceiling in private companies that is invisible to corporate life for my colleagues who are mothers. Working mothers do not need sympathy from anyone, but society should give them a positive space to work.

‘Isn’t it enough for women to sit at home and look after their children?’ Kerala corrected those who asked that with years of effort and hard work. These efforts are not over and there is still much to be done.


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