Krushna Abhishek poses in front of Hema Malini to Archana Puran Singh.

Comedian Krishna Abhishek’s comedy will not only see the guest of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ but also the audience laughed. Something similar happened when Hema Malini and her daughter Esha Deol arrived as a guest on the show. The host of the show Kapil Sharma praised the names of both Isha’s children Radhya and Miraya in a comic manner and told how in the earlier times the women of the village had many children and they did not have time to think even the name. Was

Kapil also gave some names in a funny way, like Satpal, Rampal, Gopal and then when he did not understand, then the mother herself gave the child to the father and said, ‘Tu hi pal’, listen to this punch of comedy, everyone present there laughs Seems like. After this, Krishna Abhishek, who has become the Dream Girl, says to Krishna Hema and Isha, ‘I saw the promo of your new picture, I loved it’. On which host Kapil says, ‘His picture is not coming, book is coming’.

On which Abhishek again says, ‘I saw the promo of your book, I liked it very much’. On which Kapil again mocks them as to where is the promo of the book, is the trailer of the book somewhere? ‘. On which Krishna says in a very funny way, ‘So what did I see that I liked ??’ Everyone laughs after listening to it. Krishna does not stop here, but also while enjoying the show’s judge Archana Puran Singh says that it scares the children and picks up things from their hands.


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