KPCC President: Enmity Outside, Love Inside..!: “‘Anjana’ is as white as yellow. This is a text that has been heard since time immemorial. To comment on anything is to know nothing. This parable is used against those who turn back.

The case of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee President is also similar. Everything will be commented on and eventually rolled over. What he recently said was the first period of political activity. RSS workers in Ghattal Kannur from CPM goons That he had sent one of his team to rescue him. Half heard this and half did not hear it, all the media added dust and fringe. It was published.

“He belongs to RSS and did not get the post of President in Congress. If he would have gone to RSS, even now RSS and BJP have a way. Hundreds of political slogans with the slogan “Operating for Colors were thrown at him as if from Pasupatastra. It did not subside, but another one came before it. Senior Congress leader and first Prime Minister Pandit Jawa That revelation are that Harlal Nehru was a person who came in contact with Hinduism. reach

KPCC President heard about Jawaharlal Nehru Must be careful, otherwise, read. Both these will be recognized and respected by the whole world. KPC called Jawaharlal Nehru an RSS Hindutva. The portrayal of President C made everyone sad.

Stopping CPM’s tyrannical politics, gun for gun It can be said that he was the one who brought the politics of the knife to Kannur. He has no idea. But the Congressmen in Kannur did not like the KPCC President. Ream. They say he only talks and does nothing. No..!

Another secret news is also circulating in the arena. The Chief Minister and the KPCC President are lions outside, but both are fierce. They are mutual helpers. Secondly, the administrative failures of the Pinarayi government are not small. KPCC President deliberately tried to divert people’s attention from it. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s pro-Hindu approach It is generally said that Menna brought the argument.
Both the Kannur people see eye to eye, but it is heart-to-heart. The astrologer also thinks that he is in his forties.


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