Kothagudem: Kasideera Aadi.. Daughter Of Gold Winning FRO Srinivasa Rao, Deceased Forest Ranger Chalamala Srinivasa Rao’s Daughter Shows Extreme Talent In Athletics: Kritika, daughter of forest ranger Srinivasa Rao, who was killed by Guthikoyas, excelled in athletics. She participated in sports competitions on the fourth day of her father’s death.

Daughter of Fro Srinivasa Rao

Nanna is a faith…Nanna is an assurance…Nanna is a call to victory is an inspirational text. But that kind of father is no more… he will never come back. It is an incomprehensible age. Kritika, daughter of forest ranger Srinivasa Rao, felt inspired by the words of her father, who died in the attack of Guthikoyas. Keeping in mind my father’s words to win a medal anyway…shedding tears…Kasidira played. It was the winner. In the sports competition held at Kothagudem… won the gold in the long jump in the under-10 category… this gold is dedicated to my father… Srinivasa Rao’s beloved daughter Kritika.

Kritika Subhash, the daughter of forest ranger Srinivasa Rao, who died in the attack of Guthikoyas, who excelled in athletics. She wanted to make her father’s dream come true. Even though my father was far away…she carried my father’s spirit. Little Kritika kept her father’s word. She obeyed her father’s word to win. It was not only the district that showed its strength in the sports competitions held in Kothagudem. Got an opportunity to participate in state-level competitions.

Forest Ranger Srinivasa Rao was brutally murdered by the Guthikoyas on the 22nd of this month. This incident created a sensation across the state. Not only the family and members but also the forest officials and the locals shed tears over this horrible incident. His daughter Kritika is working hard for Sadhana. Heart-wrenching agony ensues. Dad remembers when he steps on the ground…not just the games…he wants to leave everything and run away. It came running and wanted to lean on my father’s heart. If not, there is no father to listen. Father is not there to give all that is needed. But the only thing close to Kritika is her father’s word. It is his responsibility to fulfill his desire to win. That is why Kasideera was hanged. Showed his talent on the field.

Panama gave sportsmanship. The encouragement of Kritika Pedananna Krishnaiah, who was working as a PET in a government school, increased her sportsmanship. Father himself used to take him to the ground and play. There is no such father today. Father Srinivasa Rao’s wish is to see him as a great athlete. Kritika’s father, forest ranger Srinivasaray, told her to show her strength in sports competitions held in Kothagudem. That’s why she ran as hard as she could after her father’s death. Kasideera played.

On the fourth day of her father’s death, Kritika, who participated in sports competitions, won gold in the long jump in the under-10 category, which gave the family a little joy in all the tragedy. Kritika also won a silver medal in 100-meter running. Apart from this, Kritika has been selected for the state-level competition in December…and continues her father’s fighting spirit. Kritika is determined to fulfill her father’s dream of becoming a good athlete in the future.


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