High court seeks reply from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald case

Kolkata’s Ghost Buster Company Wants To Catch Ghost From Kolkata High Court: A week ago, sitting in a packed courtroom, the judge himself told the story of ghosts in the High Court. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay also heard the account of a ghost infestation in the spiral staircase of Court No. 11. It was learned that there was a lot of ‘commotion’ in the outer atrium and inside the chamber. This time, an exorcist agency applied to the court authorities to find the ghost of the High Court. On behalf of ‘Detectives of Supernatural’, Devaraj Sanyal, the founder of ‘Ghost Buster’, drew the attention of the Chief Justice of the High Court through the Registrar General of the High Court.

The oldest High Court of the country is in Kolkata. Built-in the style of a Belgian cloth hall, the court building has been designated as a heritage building due to its outstanding architectural style. A large number of people come throughout the year hoping for justice. The High Court premises is crowded with the traffic of many people throughout the day. But in the evening Tamam Mahalla is like Nijhumpuri. Such a strange atmosphere is seen in very few places in Kolkata.
And that’s why the story of Calcutta’s ghosts is better gathered around the High Court. Why not, how many events have happened in this house with a light and dark balcony? Some have been sentenced to death, and some have died without getting justice. What a surprise to have a ‘ghost’ in such a place!
Debrajbabu said that our organization has already investigated all the strange incidents at Jorabagan traffic guard headquarters which is under Kolkata Police headquarters Lalbazar. But in the end, nothing happened. “Lawyers and court workers contacted them at various times. We are quite intrigued by all these high-court ghost stories. Therefore let our inquiry be allowed in the High Court also. Let our representatives be given an opportunity to spend the night in that court number 11 one day. We have appealed to the Chief Justice of the High Court.”

Incidentally, at the end of the hearing of the TET case on October 31, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay told the lawyer of the board that the cases of 269 TET candidates who were ordered to return jobs by the Supreme Court can be heard from four in the afternoon to seven in the evening. Because from Monday to Friday, every day there are various cases continuously. After that, if the cases of 269 more people come to him, it will be impossible to complete them within the stipulated time. So let’s start the case after the afternoon.

Hearing that a lawyer present at the scene said, the case will continue in the evening! The night of the High Court is terrible, the unsatisfied souls wander around! Many people have noticed all these events! In view of this, the judge said, “This is not completely false. Because the story of the broken staircase near the 11th sitting room of the Calcutta High Court, the movement of disembodied spirits there, is a long time old story. Everyone in the High Court knows that only when it is dark, a situation is created around that staircase.” “He also knows about the haunted story of this staircase,” he said. A lawyer again spoke about various noises coming from inside Court No. 11 of the High Court. A lawyer also told the story of moving the bodies to the outer atrium. The result of all this is the application of Devarajbabu. Let’s see if they get permission. What their search finds.


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