Knowledge: After 33 Years In That Country, The Youth Who Took The Road For Democracy.. Then What Did The Rulers Do To Suppress It: In April 1989, Hu Yaobang, a communist leader with a reformist image, died. People are very worried about the future. Then there was an employment crisis. There was no freedom of expression.

Tiananmen Square In China

Government Dictatorship is trending in the name of zero covid policy in China. As a result, people are coming to the streets for the government. This public movement is also seen as a ‘democratic demand’. A similar attempt was made once in 1989 to restore democracy. There was a large scale movement against the communist government. It was led by students and youth. The Chinese government could not tolerate this. Martial law was imposed. This movement was suppressed with gun fire. Thousands of protesters died.

Now again the same rebellion is seen in China. After 33 years, people are once again challenging the communist regime. This time also students and youth are leading the movement. This time too, the Communist government led by Xi Jinping is ready to do whatever it takes to suppress the movement. What happened 33 years ago, why it happened, what is happening now, why… Before knowing all this, let’s know more about Dragon Country..

Democracy has never existed in China! China was once one of the British colonial powers. After many struggles, in 1912 the revolution led by Sun Yat-sin was successful and he was elected as the president. Japan attacked China in 1931. An internal war broke out under the leadership of Mao Zedong .. Chiang Kai-shek. On the other hand, World War II is going on. In 1945, the Sino-Japanese War also ended as soon as Japan surrendered at the end of World War II.

Internal war continued in China.. Communists won. So on October 1, 1949, Mao mentioned the democratic rule. But even today there is no democracy in this country. One party, one constitution. The Communist Party is in power in China. Today, the dictatorial regime of the Xi Jinping government in the name of zero covid policy has tested the patience of the citizens. Angry youths are taking to the streets and openly challenging the Chinese government.

In 1989, 33 years ago, the rebellion was brutally crushed. People in China were troubled by inflation, corruption. In April 1989, Hu Yaobang, a communist leader with a reformist image, died. People are very worried about the future. Then there was an employment crisis. There was no freedom of expression. No strong economic policies. The political party system is being legalized which means that the power is moving towards dictatorship which is the biggest concern among the citizens.

Opposition started against the government on all issues. The protests led by students and youth received immense support from the public at many places. On June 2, 1989, more than 100,000 protesters converged on Tiananmen Square in the capital, Beijing. Singer Hou Daejeon’s concert is underway. Millions of youth openly challenged the government.

The Chinese government imposed martial law to suppress the rebellion. Between 1 am on June 3rd and 4th, the Chinese army opened fire on Tiananmen Square. Guns and tanks fired. Thousands of students and civilians died in this repressive program. The Chinese government has not released a death toll, but some reports put the death toll at around 10,000.

Why is there a rebellion in China again? Protests are very rare in China.. But after 33 years, once again a mass movement is seen today. The communist government faced a challenge once again. People are suffering due to Corona in China, the government’s zero covid policy is having a severe impact on people’s lives. People have to wait continuously for essential goods. The lockdown restrictions have continued for two years. Due to this the patience of the people was lost.

According to the report of Deutsche Welle.. government policies are badly affecting people’s lives. Many people lost their livelihood. Due to corona.. people lost their family members. Make a big impact on the business sector. Many people lost their jobs. People are not able to live peacefully. In a country where no one can speak out against the government, they are now openly opposing President Xi Jinping.

The government is determined to suppress the rebellion! To quell this rebellion against President Xi Jinping’s zero-covid policy, the Chinese government is adopting a number of strategies. Plainclothes police abduct protesters in cities. China’s censorship machine is also actively working, censoring words like Urunqi-Shanghai.

The Chinese government is turning to porn sites to quell the protests. Searching for the protest shows links to porn. To hide the protest going on in China from the world.. China is resorting to religious bots. There are many spam accounts currently operating,

If you search for protest in Beijing or Shanghai in China on social media, instead of related content, you will find links to porn videos. At the same time.. many users post ads for call girls or escort services. After the movement became widespread in China, such announcements began to flood in.


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