Actions of gangs seeking money by creating fake profiles in Facebook are not diminishing. This time, cyber criminals have demanded money by creating fake profiles in the name of former home guard DG Vibhuti Bhushan Pradhan. Friend requests were sent to acquaintances of the homeguard DG before fake profiles. To create fake profiles, photographs were used from his real profile. After the matter surfaced, the former DG has also complained to the police and Facebook about the case. At the same time, a similar profile was also made in the name of Inspector Jitendra Kumar Singh. 

The gang, which has not been caught so far, has made profiles of many officers: Cyber ​​criminals have so far created fake profiles in the name of many IPS and police officers. Earlier, fake profiles were created using photographs of more than a dozen officers including Kolhan DIG Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Bokaro SP Chandan Jha, CID ADG NGO in-charge Amarendra Kumar Verma, retired DSP Arvind Kumar Sinha. But so far no cyber criminal has been arrested in any case.

How do you cheat: Cyber ​​criminals use Facebook’s real profile pictures to create new profiles. After this, a friend request is sent to the people involved in the friend list of the person concerned. After becoming a Facebook friend, saying about emergency in the hospital, a demand of 10 to 20 thousand rupees is made through Paytm or Mobile Pay. After the lockdown, the trend of cheating through Facebook has increased considerably. 


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