The work of Bollywood veteran singer-actor Kishore Kumar is still remembered. Every song sung by him is superhit. He tried his hand in every genre of the film and proved successful. Apart from this, Kishore Kumar is known for his cool personality. From film set to personal life, he was a very opinionated person. Today is the death anniversary of Kishore Kumar. On this occasion, we know about some interesting stories of his.

Kishore Kumar ‘s fun on the film set During an interview, Kishore Kumar’s son Amit told that once the shooting of his film was over and the people of the unit came to ask him for money, Kishore said, how much did it become, if not more It should be understood, what do you think of yourself as a director, it will not happen, I am a producer, let’s chase it, this director is spending so much, who is the director? ‘ Everyone said on this – you are the one. Kishore said on this – Oh that is me.

Such a plan to visit Mussoorie, Kishore was fond of buying different items and once he went to such a market where suddenly seeing lentils and lentils, he immediately made a plan to visit ‘Mussoorie’. Amin Sayani, once a well-known radio personality, told the BBC that the teenagers were also very funny and mischievous.

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Kishore Kumar wanted to interview himself, once he even gave the interview to Amin Saheb on the condition that he take his interview on his own. After this, in another interview given to Amin Sayani, Kishore Kumar copied the first meeting with SD Burman.

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When Ruma Ghosh, Madhubala and Yogita Bali, Kishore married Lina Chandravarkar for the fourth time when her watchman was intimidated . In an interview, Leena said that the teenagers were like children. Sometimes he would be so happy seeing the rain as if he was watching for the first time. He used to enjoy surprising people. He brought many masks from abroad. Once, he masked his watchman by putting a mask on his face.



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