Actor Gul Panag has targeted the government while supporting the peasant movement. The actress has said in an Instagram post that why the government is in a hurry to implement these three agricultural laws? Gul Panag has written a long post in a car, sharing a video of the tricolor flag of India and the green flag of the Kisan Union. In this post Gul Panag has written that why the government implemented them as ordinances in June during the Corona period. Then why was it hastily passed from Parliament without any committee approval. After all, why did the government with a majority in both houses hurry the process of Parliament.

Not only this, Gul Panag has also questioned the violence on 26 January during the Kisan movement. He has written that after all why any movement that was going on peacefully for more than 60 days suddenly became violent? After all, who planted these chaotic elements? Do we want to impose violence on the part of some plantated people on the entire movement. After all, who will benefit from this perception? Gul Panag wrote, ‘The peasants’ movement has been one of the biggest and longest demonstrations. It was running peacefully until before the unfortunate events on 26 January. No violence against the state machinery can be accepted. The situation is very clear about this.

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Gul Panag said that it was now clear that there was a conspiracy by some anarchic elements to incite violence during the movement to tarnish the image of the popular movement. In such a situation, the question arises that how did the movement which had been going on for 60 days suddenly become violent? Who will benefit from the notion that the movement is violent? Remember what these people are agitating against. Gul Panag said that the government has passed these bills in a hurry. This will affect 65 percent of the country’s population.

Let us know that Gul Panag, the actress, contested from Chandigarh seat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections on the ticket of Aam Aadmi Party. In this election, he had to face defeat by BJP candidate Kiran Kher. However, she was ahead of Congress leader Pawan Bansal and finished second. Talking professionally, Gul Panag was seen in the web series Patal Lok after a long time. His acting in this web series was highly appreciated.


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