Kiran Kher, who is suffering from blood cancer, is improving his health

Bollywood actress Kiran Kher is suffering from cancer, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Anupam Kher has shared a very emotional video on Twitter about Kiran’s illness. Through the video, Anupam has prayed for his wife. Also, thank you to all those people who are praying for Kiran’s quick recovery. Please tell that Kiran is running away from films for a long time.

While sharing the video, Anupam Kher said, “Love friends, I thank all of you for supporting me and Kiran in this difficult moment. Hopefully Kiran will get back from this serious illness as soon as possible. Will come out and be among us. Now thanks everyone for praying for Kiran. ” Many fans have also given their feedback on this post of Anupam Kher. One user wrote, “I pray to God to get well as soon as possible.” Another user wrote, “God give them a long life.” One user wrote praising Anupam Kher, “It is good to see that you are with him in this difficult time.”

Treatment undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai

Kiran was admitted to the hospital in the month of November last year. He suffered a minor injury during that time. Investigations found that he had cancer. After this, he was brought to Mumbai for treatment. He was treated for a long time at Kokilaben Hospital. However, he has been discharged from the hospital but his treatment is still in progress.


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