Kidney Problems: Do You Have These 9 Types Of Habits..? But Your Kidneys Are In Danger: We are healthy only if the kidneys are healthy in the body. This is because after the food is digested in our body, the kidneys are very useful for excreting the waste products in the body through feces and urine. If the performance of these decreases, the wastes in the body remain inside and the kidneys get damaged due to infections. Both the kidneys stop working and eventually the person dies. Therefore, we need to keep the kidneys healthy, and our dietary habits can damage the liver. Even if the food eaten is not properly digested, the effect first falls on the liver. Experts say that 9 types of habits you have can put you at risk of kidney damage.

Drink plenty of water and healthy food as much as possible.

1) Not drinking enough water for the body: We should drink up to 1 liter of water first thing in the morning. By doing this, all the impurities in our bodies are sent out. Skin problems also do not occur. There is a risk of getting stones (stones) in the kidneys without drinking a lot of water.

2) Excessive use of drugs and painkillers: Now it is a habit to use any painkiller tablets that come in handy. It doesn’t matter if you use it once in a while, if you use it regularly, it will definitely affect your kidneys. Kidneys get damaged. Also, People with other chronic illnesses who take daily medications are also more likely to have premature kidney failure. For that, you should drink a lot of water. Also, consult the doctors and use medicines that do not have any effect on the kidneys and follow their advice. By doing this, we can protect our kidneys.3) Ingestion of high salt: Experts say that there is a threat due to high salt. Because salt is high in sodium. So. This leads to high BP. So there is a risk of kidney damage. So add just enough salt. Otherwise, instead of salt, medical experts advise including spices and herbs in your diet.

4) Lack of proper sleep: Sleep is as important as food for us. If sleep is not proper, the food we eat is not digested properly. The effect is heavy on the liver and kidneys. There is a risk of these being damaged. If sleep is not proper, the kidneys will be damaged. So sleep at least 8 hours a day.

5) Eating processed foods: Processed foods are high in sodium and phosphorus.
These are very harmful to your kidneys, and high phosphorus intake is harmful to your bladder and bones.

6) Consuming too much meat: Consuming too much meat produces too much acid in the blood. This acid is harmful to the kidneys and causes acidosis. That’s why you should eat meat in moderation if the bladder is healthy. People with kidney problems should avoid meat completely. The more they stay away from meat, the healthier the kidneys will be.

7) Foods rich in sugar: Consuming foods rich in sugar can lead to obesity. Chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes will occur. Thus, the effect of sugar on the kidneys will be greater. Kidneys get damaged. Therefore, medical experts say that it is better not to consume too much sugar.

8) Excessive consumption of alcohol: Kondara consumes alcohol in excess. Drinking too much alcohol damages the kidneys quickly. So it is best to stop drinking alcohol completely.

9) Smoking: Smoking damages not only your lungs and heart but also your kidneys. All the above organs are quickly damaged due to heavy smoking. So quit smoking completely. If you want to live happily with your family and live longer, follow the above-mentioned. Save your full hundred years of life.


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