‘Khela Hobe’ Again In The Tumultuous Bangladesh Parliament, Mamata-Modi In The Face Of Hasina’s Minister: The parliament of Bangladesh was again heated with the slogan ‘Khela Hobe’ (Khela Hobe). Last night there was a long debate about that phrase.

Obaidul Quader, General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Bridges and Roads of the country was the target of the opposition’s attack. But without giving up, he raised his voice and said, if there is an attempt to overthrow Sheikh Hasina’s government by force, if the country is pushed into turmoil, it will be played, it will definitely happen. Awami League will not sit.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was in Parliament during the debate. He didn’t open his mouth. Jatiya Party member Advocate Feroze Rashid Sarab opposed Quader and others. His complaint is that politics is being shortened by saying that the game will be played. Being disrespected. Moreover, the country is in an economic crisis. We want a national consensus to deal with the situation. However, Awami League and BNP are busy taking over Rajpath.

In response to the criticism, Obaidul Quader said that Mamata Banerjee won with a huge majority in the elections held in West Bengal in India. The main slogan there was ‘Khela Hobe’. Narendra Modi also commented that corruption and terrorism will be played against. It is not a light matter. There is this political humor in politics.

He also said I saw in the public meeting, millions of people said that the game will be played. People don’t dislike it. Why aren’t you doing it? You don’t like it, you don’t say it. I will say – it is a political slogan.

Awami League general secretary also said that this slogan has become more common in West Bengal and India. Has democracy become lighter? What do people think? People are chanting in unison. Pronouncing Because people say so I say so.

Incidentally, even if the context of West Bengal is taken, the slogan will be played in Bangladesh. Awami League’s Narayanganj MP Shamim Osman challenged the opposition three years ago and gave this slogan. He was also present at the meeting during Quader’s speech.

Last year, that slogan crossed the border and created a stir in the Bengal assembly polls. When Mamata Banerjee injured her leg while campaigning, she held a meeting after meeting with bandages on. Trinamool slogans will be played with one foot.

BJP also borrows the same slogan. The Left and Congress leaders, however, say that politics is getting diluted.

Harunur Rashid, a member of the BNP, also protested against this slogan in the Parliament of Bangladesh four days ago. He said, people, are in financial trouble. This time slogans will be played adding to the suffering of people.

However, another BNP MP, Rumin Farhana, challenged the ruling party inside and outside the parliament and said, come and play.

Yesterday, Jatiya Party MP criticized Awami League and BNP. Mamata Banerjee and Narendra Modi got up to answer League leader Obaidul Quader present in the session room.

But not only in West Bengal but in all the states of India, the current slogan will be played in the polls. And since last year in Bengal, 16th August has been officially celebrated as Khel Ho Diwas.


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