Actor Sandeep Nahar has reportedly committed suicide. The Mumbai Police said that Sandeep has allegedly committed suicide at his residence in Goregaon, Mumbai. A case is being registered and investigation is being done. Sandeep has worked in films like ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story,’ Kesari ‘and many TV serials. Sandeep Nahar had shared his video on Facebook today, in which he said that he is fed up with his wife and the situation.

In the video, Sandeep Nahar says, “You must have seen me in many films. I played Chhotu Bhaiya in MS Dhoni. Today the aim is to make this video. The aim is that there are many problems going on in our lives. I am not really stable and it is because of my wife Kanchan Sharma. I have been going through Troma for a year and a half. I got tired of explaining to my wife. 365 days of fighting. Talk of suicide every day. She says I will die and will trap you. ”

Actor Sandeep Nahar dies allegedly by suicide at his residence in Mumbai’s Goregaon area. Case lodged, matter being probed: Mumbai Police

– ANI (@ANI) February 15, 2021
“I am upset.” Abuses my family. Abuses my mother. I am unable to pick up the phone of the people in front of him. Connects my name to anyone. She doubts me a lot. There is no cure for doubt. Fights all the time. She had run away from home recently. I started searching again. Its mother accompanies it. Threatens to do a case. ”

Sharing the video, Sandeep wrote, “#suicide #note is no longer desiring to live. See a lot of happiness and sorrow in life. Faced every problem, but the troma I am going through today is beyond bardast. I know that suicide is cowardice. I also had to live, but what is the benefit of living like this where there is no peace and self-respect. My wife Kanchan Sharma and her mother Vinu Sharma, who did not understand me and tried to understand that my wife was a hyper nature. Her personality is different and mine is different, which does not match at all. ”

Sandeep further wrote, “Everyday affliction, morning and evening, I have no power to bear it. There is a mistake of Kanchan in this because his nature is such that he feels all normal, but to me it is not normal. I have been in Mumbai for many years, saw a very bad time but never broke. ”


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