Kerala’s Arif Is Like Another Billionaire, The Rise In Politics Is Amazing: After the BJP fielded Jagdeep Dhankhar as its candidate for the vice-presidential election, party president JP Nadda called him the ‘people’s governor’. The former Governor of Bengal (West Bengal) is now the Vice President of the country.

But the discussion around the activities of Kerala governor Arif Mohammad Khan is coming up in the Raj Bhavan episode of Dhankar Bengal. In Rajyapalgiri, the practice of the two people’s amazing match has started, Arif Mohammad Khan has also started the race to become the people’s governor!

During the Dhankar period, the state-governor dispute in Bengal became the most talked-about turn of politics. Meanwhile, Governor Arif’s tussle with the CPM-ruled state government in Kerala is taking the limelight so much that BJP leaders in the state are biting their hands. The Governor often calls reporters to the Raj Bhavan and takes aim at the state government. He has sometimes ordered the resignation of vice-chancellors, and sometimes sent a letter to the chief minister condemning the dismissal of a minister. And lastly, the bomb blast alleged that the office of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is sponsoring smuggling.

BJP leaders of Kerala are in trouble due to such hyperactivity of the governor. The leaders of the Padma camp in the southern state do not care about the media. Dilip Ghosh, Sukant Majumder, and Shubhendu Adhikari were in Bengal during the Dhankar period.

He got a huge promotion and became the Deputy Governor. There has been a lot of speculation that Arif Mohammed, who has overtaken him many times, has virtually declared war on the state government in hopes of a post. Not only that, the politics of Kerala has also been discussed about the surprising similarity in the rise of the two people in politics.

In politics, the rich are in the hands of Congress. In his early life, he was a Congress MLA in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. Joined the Janata Party overnight after Congress’s rout in the 1989 Lok Sabha polls. Vishwanath went to the Lok Sabha on a Janata Dal ticket with the blessings of Pratap Singh. When the Janata Dal broke up in the early nineties, Dhankar started an association in the BJP camp. But the BJP leaders in Rajasthan refused to give way to Dhankar. Lawyer Dhankar passes Delhi in style. Became close to Amit Shah.

However, this leader of Uttar Pradesh did not get importance in BJP during the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. Forehead opened during the time of Narendra Modi, and Amit Shah. He was sent as the Governor of Kerala. And has been playing there since the beginning. As the governor whose move has sparked a heated debate in political circles. Constitutional experts are also involved in the discussion. Many political pundits feel that Kerala Governor Arif has outdone Bengal’s ex-Governor Dhankar by targeting the Chief Minister’s office and demanding the sacking of the minister.

Arif Mohammad Khan also started politics in Congress. This leader of Uttar Pradesh was the Minister of State in Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet. Arif left the cabinet declaring rebellion when Rajiv passed a bill in the Lok Sabha to overturn the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Shah Banu case. Rajiv Gandhi expelled him from the party. Arif joined Janata Party. Bishwanath Pratap Singh also got a place in the cabinet. He spent some time there and shook hands with BSP leader Mayawati. But during the Gujarat riots in 2002, he left Mayawati’s hand and became close to Congress again. In Uttar Pradesh, the BSP was then an ally of the BJP. Arif Mohammad Khan alleged that BSP’s friendship with parties involved in the Gujarat riots is unacceptable. But after two years he himself joined BJP.

Another reason for the increased interest in Arif is that, despite being a Muslim himself, his stance on minorities is diametrically opposed to the popular opinion of the rest of the community. For example, Kerala Governor Arif feels that the special status of minorities in the country should be withdrawn. No one can have a special status in a free country. He also thinks that there is no need for Minority Commission or Minority Finance Commission in the country. Why Hindu-Muslim development?

According to him, there is a human rights commission in the country. If any of the minorities are deprived of their human rights, they can seek justice there. What is the need for separate commissions?

According to Arif Mohammad, the special status of minorities is rightly mentioned in the constitution. But there is no explanation as to how minority is to be determined.

He further opined that the concept of minority, and majority in India was created by the British. They saw Indians as a collection of many communities. Such as the Hindu community, the Muslim community, the Christian community, etc. They never considered Indians as a race. Even after independence, many people are stuck in that idea. Hence comes the special status of minorities. He raised the question, in exchange for this status, what is the minority?

All in all, he has no conflict with BJP politics. After the announcement of presidential and vice-presidential polls, a section of the Hindutva camp demanded on social media that Arif should be made the next president or vice-president of the country.

People of Uttar Pradesh Arif Mohammad Khan have always taken a different position from the rest of the leaders of the community in terms of the position of Muslims on political, social, and economic issues.

That streak began in the mid-eighties when he was in Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet. At that time Rajeev had a dispute with him over the government’s action on the judgment of the Shah Banu case.

What was that case? Shah Banu, a divorced woman from Bhopal filed a case against her husband in the court demanding maintenance. The Supreme Court accepted her demand and said that the husband is obliged to pay maintenance.

A section of the Muslim community was outraged by that verdict. Rajiv Gandhi brought a bill in Parliament to appease them and dismissed the judgment in the case. Arif left the cabinet objecting to that decision. He said that the court had given its verdict in the interest of helpless Muslim women. Government should not change that.

Arif also clashed with the next Prime Minister, Biswanath Pratap Singh. Vishwanath Pratap’s government created the Minority Finance and Finance Corporation. Cabinet member Arif also objected to that. His speech, development, government benefits, etc. in the provision of minority, majority why?

However, Arif Mohammad Khan’s past has been overshadowed by his role as the Governor of Kerala. Many people feel that there is little scope for individual wish fulfillment in constitutional and administrative positions. What needs to be done is based on the law and the constitution.

There has been a discussion in all camps of the BJP-ABJP on whether it is within the governor’s power to set a time limit for the resignation of the governor and acharya’s vice-chancellors, to direct the chief minister to dismiss the minister or not. Because, in all the states ruled by ABJP, the anti-state-governor politics has become a well-known chapter. But Kerala did not become a state.

After Jagdeep Dhankar left the Raj Bhavan of Bengal, there is no one close to Arif Mohammad Khan to assume the governorship. Now it remains to be seen whether the BJP leaders like Dhankar will consider him as the ‘people’s governor’ and whether Arif will be promoted or not.


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