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Kerala Police With Correction: The Watch Your Neighbor Project Was First Reported By The Patriot: Kerala Police has corrected media reports including Desabhimani that DGP Anil Kant said in a program held in Kochi that they will implement the ‘Watch Your Neighbor’ project in collaboration with residence associations.

The news in Desabhimani is that DGP Anilkanth has said that the ‘Watch Your Neighbor’ project will be expanded in the state in collaboration with residents’ associations.

The plan is to inform the police if you see anything unusual in your neighborhood. The news also indicates that the project will be implemented as part of the Janmaitri Police. Following this, there were criticisms against the project in social media.

Deshabhimani news full version:

DGP Anilkanth said that measures will be taken to speed up the police response during emergency calls. Currently, if you call the 112 helplines for any police-related matter, you will get a response within seven minutes. The DGP said that they are trying to reduce this time in a discussion with the officers of the residents’ associations in Kochi.

The ‘Watch Your Neighbour’ project will be expanded further in the state in collaboration with Residents’ Associations. It is hoped that this will help prevent crime. If you see anything unusual in your neighbors, you should report it to the police. The project will be implemented as a part of Janmaitri Police. Details are being worked out. Will be implemented soon. The DGP said that those who install CCTV cameras in homes and institutions would do well to install one so that the views on the road are regular. The scheme is also designed to ensure the welfare and safety of senior citizens.

The police collect the figures of the elderly by dividing them into healthy, inpatients, and those who need special care. The DGP said that the system will be brought in by the police to contact those who need attention on a daily basis. City Police Commissioner Ch. Nagaraju said. It will provide ways to identify drug users. DCPS Sasidharan, ADGP MR. Ajith Kumar, Mattancherry ACP Arun K. Pavithran, DCP (Administration) Biju Bhaskar, Commandant S. Suresh, representatives of residents’ associations, and others participated in the discussion.’

This news was also reported by the media including Doolnews. Following this, the Police Department announced through a press release that Kerala Police currently has no plans under the name of ‘Watch Your Neighbour’ and Kochi City Police is implementing a plan called ‘Say Hello to Your Neighbour-Shyne-Shine’.


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