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Kelly Khumalo: It was Longwe Twala who brought the weapon that killed Senzo Meyiwa in the Khumalos’ Vosloorus home in October 2014, yet it was Meyiwa’s better half, songstress Kelly Khumalo, who coincidentally pulled the trigger.

This is the rendition of Tshepo Thobane, the safeguard attorney of four of the five men who are being investigated for killing the football star.

Thobane submitted to the court that his clients didn’t have anything to do with Meyiwa’s killing. All things considered, it was individuals who had shared a dinner, smashed, and watched soccer with the football star on that pivotal night who was behind his killing.

Senzo Meyiwa

Questioning Meyiwa’s dearest companion, Tumelo Madlala, in the high court in Pretoria on Thursday, Thobane said there was an observer who might affirm that there was a battle before Meyiwa was shot and individuals were heard contending.

Madlala was among the people who were available in the house that evening.

“That is clearly false. The observer can approach and affirm,” said Madlala.

He stayed resolute that everything he said to the court was what he saw that evening. It was his rendition that he, Meyiwa, Longwe, Mthokozisi Twala, Kelly Khumalo, her sister Zandi, their mom Ntombi and Kelly’s two minor kids were in the house that night when two gatecrashers burst in, requesting their resources.

It was Madlala’s variant that Longwe had rushed out of the house, Kelly had hurried to the room, and Zandi and her mom had beaten one of the blamed while Meyiwa grappled with another.

The discharge went off and Meyiwa was harmed as the aggressors escaped.

“I was in the house, I never saw [the fight],” Madlala said.

As indicated by Thobane, when Longwe came into the house, a contention resulted and he threatened to use a weapon and tussled with Meyiwa. Longwe was at the time in a relationship with Zandi.

Madlala was found giggling a couple of times as Thobane made his entries during questioning.

“Try not to giggle, sir, we are managing a big deal,” criticized him.

Thobane said the two tussled, and Meyiwa took the weapon from Longwe and gave it to Kelly.

“It’s clearly false. That is something made up,” Madlala said.

Thobane further said Kelly needed to give the weapon back to Meyiwa and that is the point at which it went off and hit Meyiwa at short proximity.

Madlala again questioned this.

“That thing won’t ever occur. At the point when the gun went off, Longwe was not in the house, he ran out,” said Madlala.

Prior, Thobane had made frightening disclosures that Meyiwa, who was involved with Kelly and had fathered a youngster with her, was likewise in a sexual relationship with Kelly’s sister Zandi.

Thobane said he was not aware of this data but rather didn’t deny it was conceivable, saying Meyiwa “cherished ladies”.

As the questioning of Madlala unfurled, Thobane blamed Madlala for being a hesitant observer.

He portrayed the alleged great fellowship Madlala professed to have had with Meyiwa. This was after Madlala uncovered he had sold individual pictures of Meyiwa that he had to the media. He likewise said he had gotten an installment to highlight in a Netflix narrative on Meyiwa that circulated not long before the preliminary.

Thobane further blamed Madlala for attempting to close escape clauses in his declaration and further asserted that Madlala had been paid to affirm in the preliminary.

This is as Madlala neglected to respond to a portion of the inquiries and put this on the time which had slipped by since the episode.

Madlala demanded that the individual who had grappled with Meyiwa on that evening was one of the five blamed who sat in the dock. He pointed at the subsequent denounced, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, and let the court know how he strikingly recollected how Meyiwa had stuck him to the wall before Meyiwa was shot.

Madlala said he had himself thrown a left hook at Stanzi.

Madlala denied claims that on that evening, somebody prevented him from speaking with Meyiwa’s sibling, Sifiso. This was after he had called him to educate him concerning the shooting.

The court has up to this point heard proof of how after Meyiwa was affirmed dead and how music maker Chicco Twala had offered Kelly an occasion abroad. Chicco is Longwe’s dad.

The matter is set to progress forward with Friday.

Advocate Tshepo Timothy Thobane, who addresses four of the five men blamed for the 2014 homicide, put it to Meyiwa’s companion, State observer Tumelo Madlala, that Meyiwa was living with the two sisters, and having sexual relations with the two of them.

“An observer will affirm that Kelly had carried Zandi to live with them, to monitor Senzo while she was doing her music vocation exercises. I put it to you that a similar observer will come and affirm that Senzo was grumbling about the manner in which Kelly was getting things done, and having somebody to monitor him,” said Thobane.

Madlala said he had hardly any familiarity with this.

Thobane went on: “That witness will affirm that toward the end, Senzo cut off up having a sexual friendship with Zandi too. Kelly was away for quite a while.”

Madlala answered: “I can’t concur and I can’t contradict that since I truly do realize that Senzo adored ladies.”

Thobane additionally inquired as to whether he realized that Meyiwa was hitched.

The observer said OK.

The legal counselor went on: “As per all that which I have put to you, does it make him a decent individual?”

Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela then, at that point, had a problem with Thobane’s line of addressing.

Thobane said the State had permitted the observer to give character proof on Meyiwa.

“The observer said Senzo was a decent individual and the State permitted that. That assurance depends on what the observer said,” said Thobane.

In any case, Judge Maumela refused the inquiries.

Madlala has recently affirmed that he had visited Meyiwa and Kelly at Mulbarton, in the south of Johannesburg where the footballer and his socialite sweetheart had shared a condo.

Meyiwa was killed at Kelly’s home in Vosloorus on October 26, 2014.

In the house that day were Meyiwa, Kelly and Zandile, their mom Ntombi Khumalo (MaKhumalo), Longwe Twala, Meyiwa’s companions Mthokozisi Thwala and Tumelo Madlala, Kelly’s then 4-year-old child, Christian, and Thingo, her little girl with Meyiwa.

Five men, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Mthobisi Mncube, Mthokoziseni Maphisa and Sifokuhle Ntuli, are having to deal with penalties of homicide, endeavored murder, theft with disturbing conditions, ownership of an unlicensed gun and ammo.

All of the charged have argued not blameworthy.

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