In this week’s Karmaveer episode of KBC 12, the doctor associated with Mohan Foundation reached Sunil Shroff. Ritesh Deshmukh also arrived with Dr. Sunil. Explain that through Mohan Foundation, 11 thousand 600 people have received life donation from organ donation. During this, Ritesh also talked about his father.

Riteish said, ‘The doctor asked us for a liver transplant. At that time it used to be thought that on one hand we wanted to get a donor for my father soon. 

Ritesh told that at that time there were difficulties regarding liver transplant of father Vilasrao Deshmukh. Ritesh becomes emotional while telling all these things.

Dr. Sunil said during this time that due to the large population in the country, we need more and more donations. We have 10 to 11 thousand organ donation here, whereas we need at least one and a half lakhs. He also said that a person can give life to at least 9 people by donating organs.

He told that if anyone wants to donate organ, then they can go online and contact any NGO and tell the family members and motivate them to donate.

The show showed videos of people who donated their organs as well as those who are waiting for their lives.


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