Kavi Samrat Review: Kavi Samrat Review (Ahalo)This ‘Kavisamrat’ is produced under the banner of LB Sriram ‘Heart’ Films’. Vishwanatha’s position is unique among the great poets of Telugu country. Vishwanatha is a genius who broke new ground in Telugu literature through his pen. He is also the recipient of the first Jnanpeeth Award in Telugu literature. Vishwanatha had many disciples and disciples. He had many disciples of Ekalavya. There is no need to tell Telugu people anything new about Vishwanatha’s poetry. His charms are also special. All these are said in Telugu even today. So this ‘Kavisamrat’ is a collection of many scenes that took the form of letters after listening to that word and this word.

The story begins with Vishwanath’s passion for poetry. Next, Viswanatha continued the story by narrating the details of their lives, so that the mind of the heir who was reading the book ‘Ramayana Kalpavriksha’ would come to mind. Viswanatha Satyanarayana’s introduction of ‘Srihari Stotram’ “Jagajjala Palam…” is heard in the background! ‘Kavisamrat’ ends while Viswanath is writing about what will happen to his mother tongue Telugu.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

  • MAIN CAST: LB Sriram, Ananth Babu, Raj Kandukuri, Ramajogaiah Shastri, TNR, Sunny Akhil
  • DIRECTOR: Savith C. Chandra
  • MUSIC: Doctor Josya Bhatla
  • PRODUCER: LB Sriram

As with any biopic, the film’s appeal is made by adding some fictional scenes. The film ‘Kavisamrat’ is no exception to that. It is appropriate that the director informs this in advance. In one scene, the appropriate use of Vishwanatha’s words like “this Vishwanatha walking mountain… the statue of the three planets… Anugraha- Nigraha- Agraha…” is good. “Experience becomes the letter. Conversations like the greater the experience can be accumulated, the greater the letters…” will steal the minds of literature lovers. Words like “Whenever hardship treads on your threshold… don’t forget to look at this threshold…” melts hearts. In the end, Pavani Shastri’s words about his father Vishwanatha and his letters shown are not entertaining to literature lovers.

Vishwanatha Satyanarayana is adored by many literature lovers. Actor and writer L. It can be said that B. Sriram also expressed his admiration for Kavisamrattu in his own way by making this film. LB Sreeram, who has appeared in earlier films, is the only one who has acted in this film. It must be said that the actor in LB Sriram has been credited with making that poet emperor walk before our eyes. One cannot fail to appreciate Savit Chandra’s talent for shooting scenes in a way that suits the context and the dialogues. In any case, this movie, which runs for over an hour, can impress only those who are fans of Vishwanath. The film can be viewed on ‘Aha’ OTT. There is no telling how many people ‘Kavisamrat’, which has no commercial connotations, can attract.

Plus Points:
– Being a literary merunagam story
– LB Sriram Abhinayam
– Entertaining conversations

Minus Points:
– There are things that only literature lovers will like
– Some scenes were slow

Rating: 2.5/5

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