Former MP MP Kamal Nath's brother-in-law's killer arrested in a police encounter, murdered with the intention of robbery

Katwa Tender: Tension With The Tender! Trinamool Deputy Chief Accused Of Keeping Gun At Gunpoint, Trinamool In Charge: Incident of Mangalkot Valyagram Panchayat. There were allegations that the deputy head of the panchayat was forcibly taken away at gunpoint for approving a tender worth Rs 42 lakh.

Panchayat Deputy Head

The reign of Katmai in Katwa! Panchayat tender corruption new twist. Allegedly forcing the deputy chief to sign the tender at gunpoint. A case has been registered in the whole incident. Sarab’s vice-principal blames a section of the panchayat for taking cuts.

Incident of Mangalkot Valyagram Panchayat. There were allegations that the deputy head of the panchayat was forcibly taken away at gunpoint for approving a tender worth Rs 42 lakh. Deputy head swimmer Santara Majhi is under house arrest in fear. It is known that he has been locked in the house for almost two months. Deputy Chief Dolan Santara Majhi filed a complaint at Mangalkot police station. On the other hand, Parvati Ghosh, head of Valyagram panchayat in Mangalkot, is also apprehensive. He made it clear that a few members of the panchayat take a 10 percent cut from any tender of the panchayat through influence. And he was given only five percent. The rest of the money was embezzled by a panchayat member named Pradeep Chattraj and some members who were with him. Trinamool East Burdwan district president Rabindranath Chattopadhyay said that the corruption of this panchayat tender will be investigated as soon as it comes to light.

Deputy chief Santara Majhi said, ‘They asked for my signature. I said I would sign it. But if time. But they put a gun to my head and forcibly took me away.’

It should be noted that the problem started with the work of a Panchayat worth 42 lakh rupees. Allegedly, some people in the panchayat decide which contractor will get the job. Panchayat member, Abdul Azim Sheikh’s name is involved among them. It is known that he made 20 thousand rupees from 24 contractors. This time, Dolan Santara alleged that five miscreants under the leadership of Abdul led Abdul to sign the same tender took the master from his house with a gun to his head and took him to the panchayat.

It is learned that even earlier, the regional president of the panchayat was expelled from the party for women-related incidents. At that time a five-member committee was formed to run the Panchayat in an unwritten manner. Since the formation of the committee, there has been widespread corruption in various works including panchayat tenders. Even though a 19-member Valyagram panchayat was formed, the deputy’s head alleged that member Pradeep Chattraj had the last say in the management of the panchayat. On the other hand, Pradhan Parvati Ghosh alleged that she was not informed about any work of the panchayat. Under the leadership of member Pradeep Chattraj, various works were signed under threats. Chief Parvati Ghosh alleged that a 10 percent commission is collected from the contractors in any tender.

East Burdwan district Trinamool president Rabindranath Chattopadhyay said, ‘The deputy chief should have informed the party forum. Although the deputy chief is a woman, she has complained to the police station and the matter will be looked into by the police. If it is true that Pradhan’s commission of the tender is true, the party will take action against the accused Pradeep Chattraj. The incident will be investigated. However, another accused, Abdul Azim Sheikh, said, ‘Everything is a lie. They went to every board meeting. It’s all propaganda. We don’t play gun and bomb politics.’ But attempts were made to contact Pradeep Chattraj but there was no response.


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