Kathorth Lucille Stadium For Kalasaporin: Adhu standing on the shores of the Persian Gulf in the azure waters. Nika Lucille is a place that amazes anyone who arrives in the city. There is a view. Almost in the center of the city is a glittering spring in the golden light. A construction of fate. Precisely infused with the essence of Arabian sculptural elegance Beautiful building. This is Lucille Iconic Stadium. Qatar is the venue of the World Cup football match.
The last stadium to be completed for the 2022 World Cup football.

A glimpse of the world capital of football that you’ve been granted. A state-of-the-art city with beautiful gameplay to fight What is Qatar wearing? Lucille Stadium, which stands tall as the landmark of the city There are many features. It will commence operations on 11th April 2017 and will open on 22nd November 2021. The construction cost was 767 billion US dollars. The largest stadium in West Asia can accommodate 80,000 spectators.

Lusail Steadi is a proud evocation of the Arabian hospitality tradition. Designed by Yum. A golden color that preserves the delicious dates without spoiling. The form of copper plate and the traditional Sadhu sculptural elegance are interwoven. A British company that also combines the model of Finnair lantern lamps. The stadium was designed by Faster Partners. HBK Contractors jointly with China Railway Construction Corporation The construction is completed. Indian businessmen who are participants in this great initiative Their pictures were displayed outside the stadium as a token of appreciation. There is

The light of the lantern came through the small holes of the final lamps. Create beautiful shadows on the stadium in the Runna pattern. The shining light is the cradle of the tradition of every Qatari. Mind-blowing. Along with this, the mind-blowing fragrance of oud and attar permeates the environment. Makeh Parakumbol is the impression of entering the miraculous castle of Arabic stories. This also welcomes those who come here. Enter the stadium through the wide corridors. Same design as Rambhithi with a gold-cream-colored seating set. There is a box. Here is an establishment called Coastal Qatar, owned by a Malayali. and chairs are provided. The galleries are spacious and modern, hidden behind glass. The VIP lounges are ready. World leaders and FIFA officials to watch the World Cup The prominent members of the Ghataka Samiti are also present here.

Adjacent to the beautifully manicured lawn are the spectator seats. Cooling systems are also working near tanks. Large screens on the roof of the stadium to provide replays of matches Attached to The dressing rooms at Lucille Stadium are modern and beautiful. Th. You can also analyze the game here. The stadium has a custom-made polytetrafluoroethylene roof. for This is to protect the stadium from extreme heat and dust storms. Lap can. Global Sustainability Assessment System for Environmentally Friendly Construction Five-star status has been given to this stadium. The wastewater discharged from here is purified and the nearby plants are It will also be used to wet the beds.

A total of 10 matches including the final of the World Cup are held here. This is also the first semi-final venue. The first match of the World Cup is the Argentina-Saudi Arabia match on the 22nd of this month. . Argentinians had the highest demand for tickets in the group stage. Between the US-Mexico match on the 26th and the Brazil-Cameroon match on the 2nd of December Watch the Portugal-Uruguay match on November 28. Getting ready. In the preliminary round, Argentina and Brazil will compete in three matches. This stadium is a favorite place for football fans. Mai Lucile Stadium has changed itself recently.

At Lusail QNB Station, the northern end of the Red Line of the Doha Metro. The distance to the stadium is only weeks. A state-of-the-art tram system is functioning across the city. About 20 km from Central Doha and 10 km from Pearl Qatar If you visit Tarum, you can reach Lucile Iconic Stadium. Different parts of Doha are fewer hotels in this city. A convenient way to reach here for those staying in All constitutions and regional organizers of the World Cup, the Supreme Committee for De The livery and legacy are set.

The rest of the stadium will be reduced to one-fourth for the World Cup. Qatar authorities to transform Hambai stadium and grounds into a community R has decided. Movable seats like in other stadiums in the African nation Development of football stadiums and training centers in India Nathnai will donate. Health Clinics, Education Centres, Cafes, Gyms, and Recreational Centres. We plan to start all these. The master plan for all this has already been prepared.

Every World Cup is on the minds of football fans. A playground will gain prestige. Estadio Centra in Montevideo, where the first World Cup football match took place Nario, Brazil’s Maraca, the venue for two World Cup Cups Estadio Astraca, Mexico City, site of the 1966 art fight Lucille Iconi to return for December 18th clash with Wembley K Stadium will also go down in history.

Eight stadiums from nothingness and all modern systems a diameter. Ashwamedha, the world cup event held by Qatar, is made of straw. The last shrine in Mi Thiayi, Lusail City’s main attraction is the golden night sky. This stitched wonder will last forever. The name Lucille is missing from the future of world football. I can assure you that it will be impossible.


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