Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Radha says simply ship the message to Mahadji. He says what’s to your mind? She says making occasions that makes him need that will help you on his own. Balaji says is it ok to play video games together along with your buddy? SHe says sure in case you play them to your public and regime. And this regime is his as well. I need him to recognise that too.

Baji’s brother tells him Kashi and his own circle of relatives could be coming. He says she’s so annoying. He says I will inform Kashi.

Scene 2
Balaji’s guy offers the message to Mahadji that BalaJoshi is there and that they stored his life. He says thank you. Tai is involved for her son. Mahad says he’s fine. We don’t want to move there. Balaji will contend with him. He did a silly thing. Kashi says you’re mad at him. Let’s visit him proper now. He desires us. Her brother says what’s going to they suppose that we aren’t collectively in awful times? He says ok move. Ramchandar will go along with you. Tai says your ego is extra vital than his life. Don’t come as a father however you need to come as a husband. He says I won’t move. Shuibai says in case you don’t move we won’t move either. He says don’t pressure me. Okay then move. I won’t say whatever and ask him now no longer to speak to me as well. Shuibai says is it ok to take KAshi there? Tai says she can’t pressure her for any decision. Let’s take her.

Scene three
Radha says three days are long gone out of 7. We ought to do some thing in those four days. Mai says will Mahad coming right here remedy your problem? She says I am anticipating Kashi. She will come for sure. Bhiu says whe will our buddy come? Balaji says seems like it’s a vulnerable friendship. They ask why? He says none of you organized matters for her. Her food, location to sleep and matters. Baji says do their association someplace else. RAdha says you won’t determine who comes right here. She’s an amazing woman. Balaji says your mother is proper. He says you all can’t see how spoiled she is.

Kashi says to Ganga i don’t need to visit that Baji’s residence. But my brother is there. I didn’t recognise I could ought to meet him. I can’t tolerate him at all. How will I close up him? Ganga says I actually have a solution. She brings a leaf and glue. She tells baji the plan.

Scene four
Mahadji comes together along with his own circle of relatives. Radha says to Baji you can’t depart the residence. You’ve to welcome them. That’s our custom. Radha does their arti and welcomes them. KAshi appears at Baji and smirks. Radha says prevent Kashi. When a younger woman involves our location we stamp her toes on our floor. It’s our ritual. Tai stops Kashi. She says we by no means did such ritual. We won’t do it. Mahadji says it’s ok. Whats the massive deal? Balaji says our Radhabai loves to preserve recollections of visitors safe. If you don’t like it.. Balaji says it’s ok. Kashi enters the residence and stamps her toes. Radha says come permit’s meet your son. Baji says to Kashi I am helpless due to my dad and mom. I am tied due to my friends. Some visitors aren’t good. Kashi says inform your mother. Go from right here and speak for your sword. Kashi leaves.

Mai tells Balajoshi your own circle of relatives is right here. He receives up and says I need to move from right here. His mother comes in. She says wherein had been you going? So mad at your dad and mom? Look at your condition. You’ve to relaxation to get well. Kashi says please relaxation. You can be fine. You will come domestic with us. He says why did you all come? Shui says we’re your own circle of relatives. If we won’t who could come? Tai asks Kashi to exit and play with Krishna. She says why? I wanna meet Bhao. Shui says do what tai is saying. They depart.

Mahadji says to Radha what you probably did out of doors with Kashi we try this ritual for brides? She says time solution a few questions. He says what are you speaking approximately? Mahad is my buddy and a visitor right here. If you’re wondering Kashi may be our DIL it’s now no longer possible. Our wealth isn’t the same. She says time solves everything. She leaves.

Balajoshi says my breaths are left. Why don’t you all neglect about me? Tai says how are we able to neglect about you? You had been born from my womb. You had been raised in my arms. How can dad and mom now no longer fear while son is injured. He says mother have to be involved however baba. He most effective cares approximately the reality how his son have become a fighter in preference to a businessman like him. Mahadji says you have become a fighter in preference to businessman that doesn’t harm me. But that reality that you’re now no longer in Shahu Maharaj’s army. Balajoshi says I am with Taraghani. He’s Shahu’s enemy now no longer yours. You made your son enemy for him? He says in case you had been my enemy I won’t have come right here. Tai says enough. A son and father shouldn’t combat like this. Mahadji says he maintains emabrrassing me.

Kashi says I got here to satisfy bhao. Aai didn’t permit me meet him. How lengthy will the combat retain among baba and bala bhao. Why do they combat? He says I don’t recognise. She says this sword is the awful thing. Since he picked it, his combat began out with baba. No one need to select out it. Baji says don’t say those coward matters in my residence. There’s not anything higher than a sword. Kashi says I turned into speaking to my brother an myself. Who is speaking to you? He says don’t insult combatants. Sword is our pride. Kashi says don’t say pointless matters. Go from right here. He says I won’t. Or what? Kashi says move. He says I won’t. What will you do? Kashi sticks the leaf on his mouth. She says I did this. She laughs. Kashi says you can’t talk now. It won’t come out. I made a combination of glue. Ganga made it for me so I can close you up.

Episode ends

Precap-BAji says the combatants and swords you hate shield you. Radha says now time to inform Mahad how tons wealth can we want. It’s time to boom his fear..


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