Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Shuibai says to Kashi attention in your work. Don’t try and be exceptional to those who can’t change. I am speakme approximately Baji. Don’t hold this pot withinside the house. Kashi says it changed into my favorite. Shuibai says it’s damaged, don’t love damaged things. Shuibai says to Tai I can’t neglect about what Radha stated. Tai says you’re taking her too seriously. She says if it’s Kashi’s age to get married, we need to get her married to a huge house. What does Baji have besides for sword. Mahadji is available in. Tai says we’re speakme approximately Kashi’s wedding. You ought to begin searching out a man for her. Mahad says isn’t it too soon? She says Kashi changed into attacked. Shuibai says we don’t even knw who it changed into. Mahad says I even have improved the guards. No you can do some thing now. Shuibai says however begin searching out a man for her. Kashi is available in and says had been you all speakme approximately me? Mahadji says they’re speakme approximately your wedding. Kashi says I won’t get married and go away this house. Don’t provide me this punishment for being cussed. Tai says it’s now no longer a punishment. She says why do all ladies cry then? I won’t. Mahad says nobody will speak approximately it now. Tai says ok we won’t.

Scene 2
Radha’s children play with Mai. They display toys Kashi gave to them. Anu says Kashi has many toys like these. Bhiui says she gave us many items. Chimaji says she have become such proper pals with us. Baji says I didn’t realize my siblings are materialistic that for some items they may like a cussed and spoiled girl. Mai says why are you announcing that? Baji says she’s spoiled and seflish. People like her ought to be enemies now no longer pals.

Kashi performs together along with her pigeons. She feeds them. She has hiccups. Bhiu says she’s our friend. We won’t concentrate to such things. Anu says she gave you a sword too and also you took it. Chimaji says so is it egocentric too? He says she additionally requested me to get a pot. Mai says Anu and Bhiu additionally combat with you. He says now no longer with strangers, I am their brother and I don’t need to speak approximately her. I met her and won’t ever meet her again. Kashi has hiccups. She says who’s lacking me. He says she began out combating me for saving her life. Baji says she has no senses. Kashi’s brother offers her water. Baji says you could be pals together along with her. I don’t care. She can be my enemy. Chimaji says why did you’re taking the sword from her then? He says it’s my combat’s passion. He says so it’s your passion? He says she established my bravery. Chimaji says you shouldn’t hold a egocentric girl’s sword. It will remind you of her. You ought to go back it. He says why ought to I? I won’t leave out her. Not as a pal at least. Guru ji stated the same. Shuibai says who’s lacking Kashi? Have water. Ganga says I assume Baji is lacking her. Krishan says yes. Kashi beverages extra water. She says I won’t allow him.

Scene 3
Balaji comes home. All the children hug him. Radha says what did Maharaj stated? He says he gave me 7 days. If I can’t accumulate funds, he’ll provide this task to a person else. All desires can’t come true. I noticed a dream to guide this navy. Never knew it’ll continue to be a dream. She says don’t be upset. He says on occasion you need to. Radha says lions additionally leave out hunts. That doesn’t imply they can’t. Maharaj realize you could most effective lead this navy. He says however my difficult earned religion my be misplaced in 7 days. Let me see pooja preps. We will speak approximately it later. He leaves. Radha appears at his sword and says you’re gonna write Maratha empire’s future. I have confidence in you.

Mai says to Radha take a look at the prasad for pooja. She says how lengthy are 7 days? Mai says 7 days earth revovles 7 times. Radha says will he be the navy lead? Mai says he’ll write history. Because you’re born to rule. Radha smiles.

Scene 4
Baji prepares withinside the market. He enables the servants put together for the pooja. The servants say we can do it. He says no I will do it.

THe maid says Kashi you’re now no longer having hiccups. Why do you need me to preserve water? She says I don’t Baji to overlook me again. I don’t wanna listen his call again. People speak approximately BAji all around. Kashi says you’re our humans and appreciating Baji? Why do you suspect he’s special? Is he God? The guy says he’s professional together along with his weapon. No you can stand in the front of his weapon’s power. Guru ji comes. Kashi says what can face weapon? He says know-how. Education can win all of the battles. The training in Geta could make you more potent than weapon. Kashi says how can I apprehend it? He says examine your books. Get as a great deal know-how as you could and you could combat the weapons. Kashi runs home. She takes out books and recollects what Guru ji stated. Kashi says I wanna get effective with my schooling so I may be same to Baji.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kashi says I need lesson in everything. Shuibai says can also additionally God provide know-how to our youngsters and guard them. Radha says they rejected Kashi and Baji’s marriage primarily based totally on magnificence difference.
I will now use their son to reply them back.


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