Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Radha says I experience like if Kashi and Baji are married, it might be suitable for everyone. Maharaj has given duty to extend the regime. If you come to be part of it no person can forestall Maratha regime. Then robbers like Mahadji can’t do something. He attempted to talk to Mahadji however I bet the friendship wasn’t enough. Tai says so that you were given the larger relationship? More than electricity you need to make a relation right here? Shubai says and that’s why you placed that reasonably-priced necklace in my lado’s neck? Tai says then how ought to or not it’s answered? Shuibai says she ought to be answered. Shuibai suggests their jewels to her and says that is what my lado will put on.

Scene 2
Kashi says to Baji what are you doing withinside the air? Cutting the stars? He says at the least I am now no longer going for walks round my house. She says I had to reveal a person how rapid I am. He says which fool desired to look it? She says you’re calling your mother fool? He says what? Kashi says you known as her fool. He says pass from right here. Kashi says hold reducing the stars.

Shuibai says my daughter has greater jewels than her age. You can see, we are able to display greater. Tai says you could select out any of these, it might be greater high priced than what you gave. People decrease than you could be pals now no longer relatives. How are we able to deliver our daughter to you? Shuibai says on the pooja we attempted to inform her distinction among them and us. Tai says you stated you could deliver something to my daughter? Better surrender in this idea. Kashibai comes in. Shuibai says my ladi got here again earlier than 100. Kashi says why is the whole lot out? Tai says she desired to look what form of necklace could you like? Return this one. Kashi says however I like this. Shuibai says go back it, she can be able to get you any other one. Tai offers the necklace again to Radha. Tai says we didn’t just like the necklace and again it. But identical can’t be performed with relations. So higher permit or not it’s friendhsip. Radha leaves. She recollects the insult and cries.

Baji’s brother asks why are you doing exercise at this house? He says baba stated exercise ought to be performed each moment. I changed into practising in the direction of the sky.

Scene 3
Shuibai says to Tai the pooja went to well. Tai says Devi ma got here too. Shuibai says she informed such suitable destiny of our ladi. Tai says she can be able to usually be a princess. Shuibai says she turns into a queen. They come to Mahad and inform him how devi maa stated Kashi will rule.

Radha comes again to Balaji. He asks what happened? She shakes her head. He says it’s okay. You attempted.

Scene 4
The dinner starts. Mahadji says to Balaji to begin first. He says you ought to strive this. Kashi faux to transport her hand in the direction of the sky. Baji says devour your food. Don’t tease me. She says my hand changed into hurting. He says don’t tease me. Kashi says what are you able to do? You wanna combat. I can pass my hand. It’s upto you to get tease. He says you’re a loser cat. She says you’re fool Baji. Everyone stops them.

Shuibai and Tai see off Radha. They say we’re grateful which you come to the pooja. Radha recollects what they stated. Kashi comes and places tilak on radha. Radha says married ladies do it. Tai says our ladi can do something. Radha says for her happiness you’ve made a amusing of the rituals. Kashi says why does marriage are available in the whole lot? I desired to position kimkum on you to mention suitable bye. Radha says while you’re married I will permit you to do it. Balaji asks Radha to search for the kids.

Radha comes in. She sees Kashi’s painting. She says I am going with an insult from this house. But Kasshi you’ll put on my son’s kumkum. You can be one. Baji’s siblings say we are able to come right here again. He says I will by no means right here again, Kashi fights a lot. His brother says however she’s quite and nice. And you get her ghaghar. He says it changed into debt. A fighter usually returns the debt. Kashi says do you do pooja? Pray that we by no means meet again. He says I don’t wanna meet you either. She says pass aside. He says you pass aside. He says you pass.. Kashi says so that you will select out her sword? I am now no longer scared. He says yeah I noticed you crying withinside the dark. Kashi’s brother says he’s our guest. She says then be guest. He usually fights. They each combat. Radha seems at them.

Balaji and his own circle of relatives leave. Kashi says to Baji pass earlier than the pony doesn’t take you either. Mahadji says they may be our visitors. Guests are blessings. Kashi says now no longer visitors like him. They leave, Someone factors an arrow at Kashi. The arrow simply misses her. Kashi screams.

Precap-Precap-Bajirao says she’s so selfish, and spoiled. Radha says don’t say that. Kashi has hiccups. Her brother says Baji ought to be lacking you. Kashi’s guru tells her books can combat the sword. Kashi involves Radha’s house. She says we welcome women with the aid of using stamping their ft on our floor. Baji says I am doing this for maa in any other case I won’t. Kashi places a leaf in his mouth.


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