Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Baji sticks the leaf on Kashi’s face. He says I used your trick on you. All the children try and take it off Kashi’s face. Krishnarao brings lemon. Kashi is angry.

Mahadji says I even have decided. There could be no extra dialogue on it. BalaJoshi is the curse. Balaji comes in. He says the navy’s approach and line up is in it. I changed into taking it to ShahuMaharaj. It could be exquisite if you could come as well. Shuibai says we have been going lower back tomorrow. Radha says allow us to serve you in this huge occassion. Balaji says yes. Let us be your host. I recognize you’re involved on your son. Mahadji says he can’t change. We can’t reject your invitation.

Kashi runs after Baji. Radha says what’s taking place here? Kashi says he hit my brother first after which stick that leaf on my mouth. Baji says you probably did the same. radha says so that you could too? She’s a woman and a guest. Say sorry. Baji says she began out it. Radha says she’s more youthful than you. You desired to study manners. She’s a guest. Say sorry. Mahadji says Kashi you furthermore may say sorry. Bahavani says however she.. mahadji says she additionally did a mistake. Baji says I am sorry. Kashi says baba stated it, in any other case I won’t. I am sorry. Balaji says Kashi now promise that you may cope with her and play with her. Baji says no. Kashi says no I won’t play with. Mahadji says don’t fight. Say it. They keep arms and say we are able to play. Balaji says we are able to go away early tomorrow. Everyone must relaxation now.

Scene 2
Radha does the arti. Shuibai says now this place’s air, land the entirety is below our debt. Still you’re so satisfied? Radha says this arti is on your better, we adore to hope for others. Shuibai says wow. These debt primarily based totally happiness and ego. Radha says whilst Baji’s dad comes lower back, our really well worth could be equal. Shuibai says now no longer larger than Mahadji’s wallet. Radha says we are able to shield his wallet. He might be proud to be Balaji’s pal and you’ll additionally be proud to have acknowledged me close. Shuibai says you notice many dreams. Radha says for a few eyes any dream is small. Shuibai says folks who don’t have diamonds see the celebrities however you by no means get them. she leaves.

Scene 3
ShahuMaharaj thank you Mahadji for the wealth. He says to Balaji you’ve carried out the impossible. I made you the chief of this navy. Everyone chants for Balaji. Shahu says you don’t appearance satisfied. He says it’s now no longer like that. It got here as a marvel to me. I am fortunate to steer this navy. Thank you. Balaji says I will provide my lifestyles for this regime.

Kashi plays. Chimaji says play with Kashi. Baba requested you. Kashi says he can simplest damage things. Baji says make your house. prevent talking. Kashi says I can communicate as lots as I like. I will talk to sky, daylight and the land. She says I made this sort of right house. Let’s pass get flowers. Baji breaks the house. Kashi comes lower back and is shocked. She says who broke my house? Annu asks Baji. He says I don’t recognize. Kashi says I recognize you recognize. Your dad and mom and mine could ask. Baji says in case you make it at the way, horses could damage it. I triedto prevent them. You could make it withinside the corner. Krishan says to Baji she didn’t get angry, she can be able to do some thing huge and dangerous. Baji says like? Krishna says I don’t recognize however dangerous.

Kashi cuts all Baji’s garments. Baji comes there. He sees all his garments torn. Kashi hides. Baji says who did this. Kashi runs. Baji says you probably did it? You’re crazy. Kashi pretends like she’s praying. Baji says why did you do it? He says the mice should have carried out it just like the horses. Remember the God in case you are angry. He says it’s vain to speak to you. Kashi says I reduce yout garments with you. I apologized the mice earlier than accusing them. Did you express regret the horses? You say you’re courageous then be sincere at least. If you talk fact you turns into courageous. Chimaji comes. Baji leaves. Krishna says you probably did some thing again? Kashi says he does it then I should do some thing I don’t need to.

Scene 4
Radha says ShahuMaharaj should be so satisfied for him. I desire he comes bcak domestic fast. He should have given him a exquisite role of ministry. The maid tells her Balaji is lower back. Radha runs out. People cheer for Balaji. Mahadji tells Radha Balaji’s made the chief of the navy. Congratulations. Radha asks wherein is he? Kashi says what’s the chief of navy? Radha says I can’t inform you one of a kind among navy and minsitry. she says in coronary heart quickly you may be my DIL though.

Episode ends.

Precap: Aryan tells Kashibai Bajirao Ballal that whoever instructed her now no longer to alternate herself or analyze new matters is an idiot…


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