Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

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Scene 1
Hindustan, the records had Mugals on one aspect and Maratha empire changed into thriving. The maharajas combat divide the country. Then the fighter got here who united the country. This tale is of Kashibai who modified the records together along with her wisdom. She will marry Bajarao Ballal and being known as Kashibai Bajirao Balla.

Kashibai wakes up. She runs withinside the street. Kashibai sees guards and sneaks in. Her mother appears for her. The servants says she sneaked out. She says it’s pooja and this residence’s laxmi left. Kashibai involves the horseman and says I need a trip. She is going for a trip. Kashibai enjoys.

Scene 2
There are fights withinside the towns. People commenced protesting towards their rajas. A new savior got here. The goons hit bad human beings for his or her gold teeth. Bajirao comes there. He kills the goon. He says destiny is with the right. I am Bajirao Ballal.

Kashi’s mother appears for her. Tai asks Shiubai why are you worried? Shiubai says Ladubai isn’t domestic. A female comes and says she’s doing horse using. Ram baba is together along with her. Kashibai places hues at the floor. Bajirao comes there. It begins offevolved rainign. BAjirao fights with the goons. Kashi makes clay residence with Rambaba. Bajirao beats all of the goons down.

Shiubai appears for Kashi. She comes lower back domestic at the horse. Rambaba brings her down. Shiubai asks how had been you? Kashi says he took me at the trip. thank God I am fine. I am a kid, you ought to were careful. Ram says she desired it. Kashi says aai it wasn’t Ram’s mistake. I desired to have a trip. Shiubai says our ladies don’t trip horses. Your dad can be mad. She says he can be happy. Shiubai says allow me inform him then. She says don’t scare me. I recognize baba has long past to satisfy his buddy Balajdi.

Scene 3
Mahadji comes to satisfy Balaji. His guy says Balaji has long past to the following neighborhood. There had been goons there. Mahadji says I consider my buddy could train them a lesson. I will come tomorrow. Balaji comes. He says I am fortunate a large guy such as you is right here. Mahadji says all buddies are equal. Balaji says I desired to speak about some thing essential with you.

Tai says to Kashi come right here. Sit with me. Why did you ask Ram to take you to horse trip? you get the entirety you need to play with. What in case you fell? Shuibai says what in case you fell and broke your arm? Who could marry you then? Kashibai says we can need to discover horse rider. He could recognize how to attend to me once I fall.

Scene 4
Mahadji meets balaji’s son Bajirao. He says this type of properly horse rider. Your son is talented. Balaji says his check isn’t done. He can do horse using and sword combat he isn’g a fighter yet. Until he learns to trip horse whilst the use of his weapon, he won’t be a fighter. Mahadji says your son becomes a famend fighter.

Balaji suggests map to Mahadji and says there are goons everywhere. They recognize that the guideline of thumb right here is falling. The raja has requested me to create a brand new army. I don’t have finances for it. Can I ask you for a few help? Mahad says you’re my buddy however I am additionally a businessman. I want time to reflect onconsideration on ti.

Kashibai says baba didn’t carry my ghaghar yet. I won’t communicate to him if he doesn’t come lower back earlier than the pooja. Mahad involves Balaji’s residence. His spouse says you can’t depart while not having meals with us. Mahad says you all need to come to the pooja at our palace tomorrow.

Scene 5
Kashibai says baba needed to carry ghaghar for me. Tai says ladies who’re married put on ghaghar. She says we’re all equal. And get me a man to allow me put on ghaghar. Mahadji comes domestic. Kashibai hugs him. She says my ghaghar. Tai says allow him rest. Kashibai says I were waiting. He says I went to get it however I were given confused. I informed the keeper to carry all of them right here. Kashibai cries and says you promised me. Shuibai says don’t cry. She says I am a kid. Kids cry. Mahad says I even have visible youngsters who don’t cry. Kashi says who? Mahad says Bajirao Ballal.

Balaji’s son. She says so he doesn’t cry? Mahad says sure he doesn’t. He’s courageous. She says why do you name me courageous then? He says you’re my courageous daughter. He’s a fighter well. She says all and sundry does. If he’s so well, why don’t you rent him? I need my ghaghar. He says your ghaghar and Bajirao each will come tomorrow. He’s coming right here together along with his family. Kashibai says it’s our pooja. Everyone will see his capabilities, no person will see my ghaghar. Mahadji says what if he sees your ghaghar? She says I haven’t visible it myself.

Bajirao’s brother says are we going to Mahadji’s place? He’s wealthy. His residence is large. I even have heard his daughter has the entirety. excellent clothes, meals and the entirety. Bajirao says they’re wealthy and we’re fighters. We can’t have needs like them. Our lives can’t be like them. She can maintain those. I simplest care approximately my sword and using. Some goons prevent bad human beings. The robber Sukan stops them. Bajirao asks his his brother to head lower back. Bajirao fights with the robbers. Suban says that is my plance. You can’t prevent me. The bad human beings cheers for Bajirao. ‘

Balaji says to Radha I notion Mahad could pay for the army. But he form of stated no. Can we pass there now? Radha says we need to pass and persuade them. We have to inform him that Maratha empire desires him. Balaji says what if he doesn’t agree? She says we can discover every other manner out. We won’t come empty handed.

Scene 6
Tai says I recognize Balaji and Mahadji are buddies however Balaji’s only a fighter. I didn’t like Mahadji going there. Shuibai says he additionally invited them. Now we can welcome them? It’s now no longer their really well worth that we welcome them. We don’t need any courting with them. He may be buddies with them out of doors the residence.

Scene 7
The arrangements begin for the pooja. Subhan’s guys come there as well. Peopel say he’s so courageous. He arrested Suban. Mahadji says those human beings are right here to look him. They need to look how this type of younger man ought to arrest a robber like Suban. Tai says Radha could be very strong. She has given sword in his hand in such younger age. Kashi says no person cares approximately me.

My ghaghar isn’t right here. Everyone is speaking approximately Bajirao. He will display off his capabilities and I don’t actually have my ghaghar. He says your quite face is enough. She says human beings will see his sword as opposed to my ghaghar. She is going out.

Bajirao comes there with Balaji. People cheer him. Shuibai and Mahadji welcome them. Radha asks wherein is Kashi? Mahadji says she’s selecting her ghaghar. She has to reveal it to Bajirao. Bajirao says to me? Why? Shuibai says she has heard your stories. They welcome them in.

Kashi says I don’t like every of those. Shuibai says those are unique. Kashi doesn’t like every. Mahadji says those are concerned with you. She says there’s no shine in it. She says this isn’t what I like. Bajirao says so spoiled. choose any, they’re all so properly. Kashibai appears at him. Kashi says so that you can choose any sword to combat? He says no that relies upon at the fighter. She says then ghaghar additionally relies upon at the man or woman who’s doing the pooja. She smiles and leaves. Mahadji says she doesn’t like matters easily.

Balaji says if she attempts to get it, she will in any other case she can be able to maintain rejecting. THis isn’t a sword which you want to check out details. Kashi says you don’t recognize what a female can like. Radha says Kashi is right. The one who’s continually preventing how could he recognize a female’s likes and dislikes. Kashi says yeah inform him. He gets married, he won’t fear approximately his spouse’s likes and dislikes. I won’t display my ghaghar to him. Mahadji says what do you need? She says I need it large. Something that has plants and in unique. Kashi reveals her ghaghar.

Kashi runs around. Bajirao says you believe you studied you can’t be caught? She says no person can defeat me in disguise and seek. Mahadji says no person can defear her. He says I can. Kashi says your son will lose. Radha says then Bajirao yours.

Episode ends.


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