Karthika Masam: It Is A Great Sin To Make These Mistakes Without Knowing When Lighting 365 Wicks, Everyone Should Know: Many people light 365 candles during this month of Karthika. And while lighting 365 wicks like this, they make some mistakes without knowing. We are going to know about some things that we should follow while lighting Kartika Full Moon day on Monday Ekadashi Amavasya days everyone is doing lamp worship with 365 wicks but while lighting these 365 wicks some mistakes are not made if we light it like this we can definitely get the result of lighting that lamp otherwise if there is no result of lighting a mistake. Let’s see how to light a 365-watt lamp during the month of Kartika and what to do after lighting it.

Rather than buying 365 wicks, it is better to make Vibhudi at home with your own hands from the cotton you have at home. You should tie your homemade wicks into three bundles 120 + 120 + 125 into three bundles and make these three bundles also into one bundle. Now 365 vats will be ready. One hour before lighting it should be soaked in cow neti. To light this 365-watt lamp, you should wear Ashtadala Padma Mugla in your house or temple during your puja. Garnish this mugu with turmeric, saffron, and Akshaya, and place the betel leaf of the yellow Ganesha on it. The first thing we have to do is to light the lamp in front of the yellow Ganapati either with Arathi or agarbatti. First, invoke the yellow Ganesha and worship the cloth Yajnopavetam well with sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron axis.

After showing the incense, the lamp should also be shown and jaggery should be offered as an offering and tabular should also be offered. After offering camphor arati and chanting the mantra flower, we should put the Akshantas flowers on Lord Ganesha and perform Atma Pradakshan and put the Akshintas on the Lord and put the Akshintas on our head like those of Lord Ganesha. Also, keep a drop of saffron. After performing Vinayaka Puja in this way, 365 lamps should be lit. These 365 wattles should be placed in the mud paramita and that paramita should be placed on a leaf and then these 365 wattas should be placed in the pramita. On the occasion of lighting the lamp like this one should chant the name of Swami as Hara Hara Mahadeva Sambho Sankara or Om Namashivaya. This 365-watt lamp should be well-lit with turmeric, saffron leaves, and flowers. And incense should be shown on this 365-watt lamp.

A piece of jaggery should be offered as an offering to this lighted lamp. Or you can offer chilly, vadapam, drink. After offering offering, the camphor arati should be lit and shown to the Vattis. If we recite the Kartika Purana as long as these wicks are lit, it is enough if we meditate on the Supreme Lord by chanting Om Namashivaya for that Supreme Lord meditation. Many who do not stay until it is fully lit, light it in front of the Tulsi Fort at home. A 365-watt lamp can be lit in your home as well. Or mix it with water and pour that water at the beginning of the tree. After doing that we should clean the place where the lamp is lit with water. In this way, 365 wicks should be lit without making mistakes. Doing this will give you results. If you complete the process of lighting this lamp perfectly without any mistakes, you will get the reward of lighting 365 watts.


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