Karthika Deepam Serial: Karthika Deepam serial telecast. This serial impresses the audience with many twists and turns. This serial is not released today.. Today’s Episode 1485 Highlights Now let’s see what are today’s episode 1485 highlights… Karthik is thinking about Deepa, Saurya, Hima, Soundarya, Anand Rao. What happened to my mother and father, don’t they know that I’m alive.. If they know, the people who come may not know. Now I have to look for Saurya. Unfortunately, Saurya is selling toys. Thinking he goes to Shiva and asks about Saurya. Then Shiva tells me sir that baby was seen yesterday I will look for it again. Then Karthik says don’t tell your madam about this matter. Then Shiva says ok sir and leaves from there. Karthik comes to Maunita and asks why did you attack Deepa with men. Maunita keeps acting dramatic and says I don’t know. He asks, did you want to kill me.. or did you want to kill Deepa? No Karthik keeps saying I have no relation with them. But Karthik plays a game and goes away.

Hearing all this, Deepa goes and tells Durga. Durga now comes to play a game with Maunita and says what gold are you doing. Durga then says Maunita Gold what are you doing. Then Maunita will be saying that it is not good if you call me like that again. Then Durga says, “How can I forget the name you call me? I will call you the same way. You want to kill Deepa. Are you sad that it failed? But if Deepa is killed, it will be ours. Tell us, Karthik is in our way. Should we wake Karthik?” I will give you a baton, why are you playing with my life, get out of here, while Maunita is going… Karthik is standing there and watching, then Maunita is confused. Karthik this is not true he is dramatizing. She keeps saying that but Karthik looks seriously and says, Chi, I don’t understand why you are doing this, and walks away.

Later, Karthik goes to Deepa who has a bad headache. Deepa asks if she will make some coffee. Then Deepa would come inside and sit down, he would make her coffee and bring it to her and she would also drink it and have fun talking. Meanwhile, Maunita comes and Osei says, “Will you bring my husband and keep me here all night?” Deepa puts her hand on Monita’s head. Then Karthik drinks coffee without talking. Then Karthik says that Karthik is looking at your wife while she is hitting the kitchen sink. Then Maunita doesn’t know what to do, Karthik is talking like that and she pretends to cry and pretend that I am your wife. As for Deepa, as soon as your work is over, your game begins, and Deepa laughs that it is very easy. Karthik is silent and doing crazy things while playing a game. We have to wait for Monday’s episode to know what happened next…



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