Karthika Deepam 8 Nov Today Episode: Deepa And Karthik Cried Bitterly Knowing This.. Meanwhile, The Real Twist?: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial has been released recently. Now let’s see the highlights of today 8 November 2022, Tuesday episode 1504. Just as Karthik wonders if he really left with Deepa, Karthik comes. Monita is happy with this. Did you come.. Karthik asks where did you go. Is Durga not at home? He leaves saying that no matter how much he pretends to be in love, it is not true. Because of this, my love for acting is sad. Do you know that you are hiding something from me? Monita thinks that if there is a blockage, I will remove the blockage myself. On the other hand, in the morning Karthik and Deepam go to Indra’s house. The houses look empty. Deepa says Dr. Babu, did you vacate the house and leave. What’s up.. This house is.. Wanted for rent, vacated at night. The doors are open.. he says.

Are you there at night? Why leave the house early in the morning? But my suspicion is true. Shaurya is with them. Deepa says when I came at night to show Shaurya.. They vacated the house overnight. Go into the house and see. A photo will appear in it. The photo includes a photo of Shaurya on the day of the function. They will be shocked to see Shaurya in it. My hero is Dr. Babu. Did I mention it’s here? Deepa says look. Deepa cries Na Shaurya. My aunt says. Deepa laughs and cries. That day instead of Shaurya we were shown another girl. By the time we buy all these, they will know that you are Shaurya’s mother. Karthik says that’s why the girl was changed.

Karthik says you are coming again, you took Shaurya and left when you asked. What injustice have I done to them, Dr. Babu? Why did they deprive me of my child? Any mother is thrilled to have her baby’s first birthday on her hands. But.. I could not even put Akshantas on my child’s head. I came with such longing that day. But Deepa says, I have not lost my mind.

Still, there is the sound of someone taking a bath in the bathroom. Have to watch until it comes out. Shaurya would have seen it if he had seen it. I would have found my child. Deepa says Dr. Babu I did wrong. Karthik says what will you do with this.

Karthika Deepam 8 Nov Today Episode: Karthik is tense about where Shaurya has been taken

Before we knew it, they were taken care of, says Karthik. Where was Shaurya taken? Are you in this town? Or has Shaurya been taken somewhere? Deepa says I want my bravery, Dr. Babu. No matter where they take Shaurya, it is not difficult to find out. Let’s find out. I am responsible for bringing Shaurya and handing him over to you. Doctor Babu says not to cry.

On the other hand, Indra, Chandramma, and Shaurya are going in an auto. Shaurya asks where are we going. Indra says that we are going to a village next to Sangareddy. Shaurya says why did Sangareddy go to look for Amma.

What’s wrong with this. We go to Sangareddy to get auto leather every day. Indra lies to Shaurya that he will search there every day. Deepa, on the other hand, goes to the temple and keeps ringing the bell. Everyone looks at him strangely. Meanwhile, Karthik comes and stops Deepa, Anna doesn’t stop either.

Later Karthik takes her and goes from there. If Shaurya is with them.. then where is Hima? Is Hima also with Indra? Why did Shaurya stay here? Karthik gets tensed as to why Shaurya did not meet his parents.

First, you need to get rid of the monotony. Karthik thinks that only then all problems will be solved. On the other hand, Shaurya goes to the temple with Indra and Chandramma. Indra says to tell the names of the parents which means Indra and Chandramamma. This makes Shaurya angry. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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