Karthika Deepam 7 Nov Today Episode: Deepa And Karthik’s Shocking Decision Knowing That Shaurya Is With Them: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 7th November 2022, Monday episode 1503. No matter how much Shaurya insists that he will not come, Ananda Rao does not listen. He says let’s go. He forcibly takes him to Hyderabad in a car. Shaurya says I will not come.. I will stay here with Babai. Amman is here. Please grandpa. Shaurya says leave me. But.. Ananda Rao doesn’t listen at all. On the other hand, both Deepa and Karthik are looking for an auto. Then a car with Ananda Rao and Shaurya passes by. Indra also chases that car in an auto. Meanwhile, Shaurya looks outside and calls Babai. Dr. Babu’s voice is Shaurya’s. Dr. Babu stop the car. Deepa says Shaurya is in the car.

Deepa and Karthik run behind the car but the car does not stop. So that auto belongs to Indra. Both Monita and Indra are taking Shaurya somewhere. They wonder why Monita is doing this. Don’t get tensed. Karthik says let’s go directly to Indra’s house. Meanwhile, Ananda Rao intercepts the car with an auto and stops the car. So Shaurya gets out of the car and goes to Indra. Stop grandpa. Even if you take one step forward, it will not be good. Grandparents are here. I will stay here until the grandparents show up. Saying I will not come, Shaurya leaves with Indra in an auto. Shaurya says my parents are here, otherwise we would have left the town.

He says that the grandparents are not here. Are the grandparents in Sangareddy? Then we saw them there. Indra says what do you say let’s go and find Sangareddy. This is true, Baba. Shaurya says let’s stay there and look for our parents. Indra says ok with this.

Karthika Deepam 7 Nov Today Episode: Durga tells Monita that Deepa and Karthik are both awake

On the other hand, Monita comes to Deepa’s house. If you look there, your house is locked. Monica thinks about where did she go. Durga says thinking where did they go in this time, they got up because they couldn’t bear your pain. Monita says Ray what are you talking about.

He says that it is true.. Both have woken up. It is not seen that you want to conquer the husband of a foreign woman. When Neko tells the shocking news, Dr. Babu says that he remembered the past. This shocks Monita.

On the other hand, Karthik and Deepa go to Indra’s house. There is a lock. They ask the neighbors where they went. He says that all of them in the house will go out now. They ask if they have taken the luggage too. He says no.. they have gone.

There they throw the paper where the grandparents are. They will be shocked to see it. That means Shaurya is with them. So let’s go. They will see that we are here and go away. That’s why.. Let’s come and talk in the morning, says Deepa. Deepa and Karthik leave from there.

On the other hand, Ananda Rao and Hima are very sad. They don’t have children. Ananda Rao says they want to keep Shaurya with them. Hima says grandfather what shall we do now. Your grandmother will come in two days. Then let’s see about them says Ananda Rao.

Monita gets tensed about whether Karthik knows about his past. Monita immediately calls Karthik thinking that Durga is lying. But.. Karthik does not pick up the phone. That means both Karthik and Deepa got up. Now Karthik comes while I am thinking about what to do.

When Indra wakes up in the morning, he goes home. But.. Sangareddy already vacates the house and leaves the Indradu family. Deepa and Karthik are shocked to see Shaurya’s photo there. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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