Karthika Deepam 31 Oct Today Episode: Indra who handed over Shaurya to Karthik and Deepa, Will she kill Deepa and take Karthik with her?: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 31 October 2022, Monday episode 1497. Both Karthik and Deepa get ready for Shaurya’s function together. On the other hand, Jwalamma’s bath is over. Chandramma thinks where did this Ganda go? Meanwhile, Indra comes. Where to go. I have to take care of all the work. Yes. Have you called all your auto guys for dinner? Have you forgotten anyone, Chandramma asks? He says he has called everyone but.. Karthik and Indra think that he should go and get Deepa. On the other hand, Indra says what will you do if Jwalamma leaves us. Now tell me where will the flame go? He is now a gentleman. She asks why and where will she go now. He says that if his younger brother’s parents come. Then Chandrama says let’s see and goes inside.

On the other hand, Deepa and Karthik both leave in the car. Deepa is very happy to see Shaurya. That’s when I suspected that it was Shaurya, but when I wrote the list of goods, it looked like my mother’s handwriting. I doubted but.. I felt that the real Shaurya is here. That day Indra came to Bathukamma and said that Shaurya is calling. I did not go. Deepa says Shaurya would have appeared if she had gone. Then Karthik asks why didn’t go. Deepa says I am looking for you then. Sir.. Now Indra will come anyway. He says Shaurya will be seen today. After that, Karthik and Deepa wait there for Indra.

On the other hand, Shaurya comes out and sees. They are cooking there. Seeing the people cooking, Shaurya thinks she is her mother and goes there. Meanwhile, Chandramamma comes and says where are you going. So Shaurya says mom is there. She says I want mom.

Indra also comes in this. Shaurya says Babai I want mom. Mom is seen even today. I thought Babai would come for me. Radha Baba. Amma put sandalwood on me baba. Shaurya says Baba, don’t bless him.

Karthika Deepam 31 Oct Today Episode: Indra melted to Shaurya’s cry

Indra did not know what to do with this. I believe that I am the reason for your crying. He thinks that your uncles and aunts will come to see you but where will they take you, I have not brought them. Happiness in these eyes only if you see happiness in your eyes. If you have tears in your eyes, let them flow here.

Your father is a madman who does not know this little thing. Indra says that if we cry now, we will not understand. He says don’t cry. No more tears from your eyes. This Babai will not let him come. I will come now. Indra tells Chandramma’s baby to be careful.

Monita on the other hand gets very angry. She throws all the things in her house. Meanwhile, Shiva comes there. He says what happened madam. Stop it. you talk to me She talks to Shiva regardless saying that she will kill you.

In the meantime, go inside and take a gun and aim it at Shiva, the cook will not let you go no matter how much you cry. I will not leave you at all this time. Monica says I and Karthik will be very happy after death. Meanwhile, Madam Madam, I am not a cook.. he says to Shiva.

Why did you come up with this? She says go.. go outside. You guard outside. Monita says don’t let anyone come. On the other hand, Karthik and Deepa come to the place that Indra said. Karthik and Deepa think about what has not come yet. Did you say that if you know that I am Shaurya’s mother? I will give you Shaurya. Deepa says come now or not.

Meanwhile, Indra comes there. Deepa and Karthik will be happy with this. Sir, let’s go to the car. No sir.. I will go ahead. He says come behind you. He says ok with this. On the other hand, Shaurya’s function will be ready. Shaurya asks Pinni Babai Adi.

If there is someone who knows, he will go and bring it. He says he will come. Indra thinks that he has directly experienced the pain of the child’s separation. That’s why he thinks, Shauryamma, I am taking care of us and giving it to you.

We cannot keep you in another hell for our selfishness. Indra thinks that is why I am giving it. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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