Karthika Deepam 25 Oct Today Episode: Will Karthik Eat The Poisoned Idli Alone, Meanwhile What Is The Twist?: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see the highlights of today 25th October 2022, Tuesday episode 1492. Walther Vani.. Durga stays at Deepa’s house and makes Deepa believe her. Deepa tells Vani everything about that caller. This will make your grudge my grudge and show it what torture is. Vani says it should be killed. It is not so easy with it. Deepa says don’t underestimate Monita. Durga also says the same. But.. Vani plans to kill both Deepa and Durga. Durga tells Vani that first, they should think about how to separate Karthik and Monita.

Later Karthik is still thinking about Shaurya. What happened Karthik.. you are sitting like that. Monita says let’s have lunch. Karthik says I am not hungry. What Karthik you are like this. I love you so much. Monita says you are insulting me. You are calling me and Durga together. If you wake up, you stay there. You are cooking there. They are also walking. There is no shame in that. But.. Monita says what happened to you. Karthik says that cooking is not good. Karthik says I will stay where there is peace.

Monita asks where are you going again? Karthik says that this is for peace and leaves there. After that, both Durga and Vani walk together on the road.

To tell you the truth. I am very happy to say that you are torturing that month. Vani says that’s why I like you. Durga says that actually, I don’t like the smell of women.

He says I don’t like women but. I liked you when I saw you. He says because you are staying with Deepamma. Shall we go for dinner?

Karthika Deepam 25 Oct Today Episode: Waltheru Vani goes to dinner with Durga

He says, “No dinner, with you.” He says that he never went to dinner with girls. He says that he will tell me whenever he feels like eating. She says ok and then I will go.

Meanwhile, Karthik comes to Deepa’s house. He asks why are you washing the dishes now? Deepa says I have to go to look for Shaurya tomorrow morning that’s why I am cleaning now.

He says you should not go out alone. He takes care of himself. But Deepa says she has to go to look for Shaurya tomorrow. No, no, I won’t be in town tomorrow. He says he will tell me when I come.

Karthik thinks in his mind that he is going to look for Varanasi. Meanwhile, Monita comes there. Vani says why did you come here, madam. She says I did not come for you. I came for Karthik.

Meanwhile, Durga calls Vani and says let’s go to dinner. This is fine, but Deepa and Monita are told not to tell them this. Later when both Deepa and Karthik come out, Monita gets angry.

Get out of here. Seeing Vani speak gave me courage. As long as Vani is there, he says you are fine Deepa and leaves from there. If you cut it, it will turn white.

Karthik is looking for Shaurya. Deepa, on the other hand, makes idli and brings it. Durga tells Vani to eat. But.. Vani says no to me. He says do you want to make tiffin with this.. Do you know how well Deepamma makes tiffin?

Vani thinks that after eating this idli, both of them will get high. Just then Karthik also comes. The cook says to put the tiffin. Deepa says Dr. Babu is ready to eat.

Now if he eats he will go away. She thinks about what should be done. Durga throws it away while eating. Karthik sir has come. She says do you eat before he eats. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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