Karthika Deepam 22 Oct Today Episode: Karthik, Who Showed Love To Monita.. Deepa Saw Shaurya… Will Karthik, Deepa, And Shaurya Meet At All: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see today 22 October 2022, Saturday episode 1490 highlights. Once Dr. Babu came to know the truth, you were shocked. Will you lose my past as the wife of Dr. Babu? Deepa says your play until he remembers the past. Monita warns Deepa that she will turn her world upside down tomorrow and leaves. On the other hand, Karthik is thinking about Shaurya. It’s a rowdy laugh. You can catch a smile and catch bravery anywhere. As soon as she appeared, she left. He thinks that he will go there again tomorrow and search. Meanwhile, a baby is heard crying. Meanwhile, he came home and the child was crying inside. Karthik says or hears. He says are you here or are you wandering in another world. He goes and takes the child and pacifies him.

Why didn’t you hear me? Man is here but mind and thoughts are not here. Karthik calls Durga saying Durga Garu. Monica asks why are you calling him Karthik now? He says he is not at home. It says no. Karthik says why can’t he stay at home for an hour? This stops Karthik. Now when you come, it scares me. Don’t know what it is. I don’t know what is connecting that Durga groove. That’s why the mind went blank thinking about what to do. Monita asks did you understand. Monita says stop crying and take care of the child. Stop it Karthik.. why you don’t believe what I say. Monica asks why you have changed so much. Karthik says Monita, you are the reason for any change in me.

On the other hand, Shiva comes home. Shiva says, good morning madam. Monita asks where are you going. He says he went for a morning walk. I saw you coming from that kitchen, but tell me the real truth.. she says.

It is not difficult to find out why you went there.. she says. My grandson told me to sleep in front of Deepakka’s same Vanlakakka house every day, madam says. What does this mean.. Madam says, Shiva. The other day, Karthik was sleeping there. He tells Shiva to sleep at night. My word is not counted at all lately. Monita thinks something is going on and should be careful.

Karthika Deepam 22 Oct Today Episode: Monita is still troubled by Durga’s issue

On the other hand, Karthik is thinking about Deepa. Even knowing that Anand is Monita’s son, Hima thinks that he has been brought up equally with Shaurya. He also thinks about the bully. Meanwhile, Monita comes. Monita asks Karthik to give me coffee.

So you asked for a good time. He says to bring it. He asks if Durga was given coffee. So why do I give it to him? Monita asks have you started again. What a month to start with. He is your friend. Karthik says he came to you and stayed for nothing.

Even if he is here, he is one. Monica asks him whether he was given tea or coffee, but Monita says that it is not good. Meanwhile, the coffee is full of gold. The taste of coffee is increasing day by day. Even if you give poison with your hand, it is nectar, says Durga.

I don’t get angry when I see you, Monita. He says sorry. Karthik says now I didn’t give coffee to Durga. Now I feel sorry for myself. I have forgotten the past. But.. he says no to my emotions and leaves there.

Leave me with this. I will give you a stick. Monica says I can’t bear if Karthik suspects me. Are you crying? When you cry, it is not tears.. drops of poison.. says Durga and leaves from there. On the other hand, clothes are being dried on the lamp rod.

Deepa thinks about Shaurya. Indra then remembers talking about the flame. Search for that auto from now on. Deepa thinks she wants to know where Shaurya is. On the other hand, Monita is thinking about how to get rid of Durga.

She thinks that it will be difficult to get rid of him and she thinks that she should look for another way. Because of that Durga Gadi now he will not accept it at all. what to do Whatever I do, Karthik will get me. All I want is Karthik. Don’t want anything else. Monica thinks about what to do. There is only one way. Deepa thinks that Karthik should not be blind.

Deepa immediately comes out to look for the auto. Just then Karthik comes there. He buys popcorn. In the meantime Deepa misses him. What do you say here? He says he just came like that. Who wants popcorn? He said that he wanted to buy it after seeing it.

Deepa thinks in her mind that your bully likes them, Dr. Babu. Maa Shaurya likes popcorn very much and says, Dr. Babu. Dr. Babu thinks that what I bought is also for Shaurya. A girl is driving in an auto. It is written on the back of the auto where is Ammananna. I heard a voice once. Deepa says Acham is like our Shaurya.

Now looking for the same auto. She says she will know if he is Maa Shauryo. Meanwhile, an auto is going from there. That includes bravery. Deepa remembers seeing Shaurya. Karthik and Deepa immediately follow that auto. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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