Karthika Deepam 20 Oct Today Episode: Karthik Shocks Monita, Saves Durga, And Puts Monita In Front Of The Police: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see today 20th October 2022 Thursday Episode 1488 Highlights. Monita says Karthik what are you talking about. That’s all, Monita. Some time ago you told Durga and Dr. Babu to take Shiva outside. Deepa says any husband can tolerate if his wife says that. Deepa says that’s why Dr. Babu came earlier saying where will you say that again. Monica says that if Normoy talks madly, he will die. Karthik says there is nothing wrong if you do it but.. did it go wrong. Karthik says how once it means.. always the same. Monita says ok pada.. let’s go home. Karthik says Durga is not at home. Karthik says Vanalakka has come home.. he will come after dinner.

Before.. not them.. that Durga Gadi will say the work and leaves from there. Do you play games without knowing who my wife is all these years? I got a chance after not finding it. He thinks that he should let me spend some time happily with my wife. On the other hand, Durga is talking on the phone. Meanwhile, Monita comes there. Ra says gold. Monita says the time has come for your scene to be torn. Karthik and Deepa, you came here like a big boy. See how I will get my Karthik.. how I will get rid of both of you. Just by this time tomorrow, the entire field will be cleared. She says that only I, my Karthik, and my child are in that field and leaves. This is why it is taking so confidently. It seems that there is some solid plan. Durga thinks that if he is careful, his plan will backfire on him.

Karthika Deepam 20 Oct Today Episode: Karthik tells Shiva to sleep tonight in front of Vanalakka’s house.

Karthik asks how is my cooking is cut. Deepa says Dr. Babu is good with this. Karthik says if my cooking is like this, your cooking is still amazing. Ok.. I will go now, he says. Meanwhile, Durga comes there. Where is the doctor? That phone is close. He says Go is very angry. Durga says when Karthik leaves that Deepamma.. Monita is planning something.

Deepa says that it’s facing. That’s what she plans. Durga says that something is always playing. Durga says that it seems to be laying some solid plan. Durga says Deepamma is a snake that does not die no matter how much it strikes. Deepa says you will find her one eye by staying there. Shiva on the other hand is thinking about something. He thinks why madam is saying don’t look for that baby. What is the problem for madam if you read that baby? No matter what Sir thinks about, madam doesn’t like them. Shiva thinks that there is something complicated here.

Meanwhile, Karthik comes. Did you come sir? Madam went out. Shiva says she told you to take a rest. Karthik says, Sir. I asked you to search for the baby. Did you search? He says that he searched for 4 colonies this morning, thinking that madam will scold him if he doesn’t want them.

Then Shiva thinks of something. He says hey.. what happened to Shiva.. tell me what happened. Karthik says I will do any big work with this. So Karthik says you have to sleep in front of Vanlanakka’s house every day from tonight.

Shiva says what will madam say to this. Karthik says he will do whatever I say. Shiva says ok with this. On the other hand, Monita, who has gone somewhere in the car, plans what to do with Durga. Durga thinks God has come and spoiled everything.

Your work is done tomorrow. Monita thinks that she will get rid of the pain of cooking and carve Australia with Karthik. On the other hand, Deepa thinks about what is Monita planning. What does she want to do? Deepa thinks she is planning to take Dr. Babu somewhere.

Immediately go to Dr. Babu. Deepa thinks she wants to know what she is doing. Dr. Babu comes near. Monita asks where. Karthik says that she went outside. He says he doesn’t know where it went.

Karthik says what happened, you are confused. With this, Monita challenged Durga. Deepa says to find out where she went once. Meanwhile, Monita comes there taking the police. Deepa and Karthik are shocked to see the police.

Meanwhile, Monita says to arrest the inspector who shows Durga. The police go and arrest him. Where are you taking it? Durga says to leave it. Durga says will you file a police complaint against me. Durga asks why they are arresting me.

The police show the video of Durga’s earlier talk on the phone saying, “You will be blindfolded by the police for many years”. Isn’t it you? SI says if graphics are not. The police will tell you that there is no evidence. No one can catch you. You have to go to the station.

Police thanks Monita. The one in that video is Durga or Monita.. says Karthik. Monita says no Karthik.. I took that video. SI, you don’t know about this. Durga is Monita’s best friend. That’s how you introduced me that day.

The video shows Karthik. Karthik says if Durga is your best friend, did you both meet? SI says that you are also like insects. What did both of them do? Both of you will have to be interrogated together. So both of them are not criminals.

Don’t take our word for it. Because Monita has forgotten the past. He didn’t know what to say or when. What are you looking at Monita? Don’t you know that you have forgotten the past? One day Durga is called good. Karthik says he will not be good for another day.

SI scolds Monita that you have wasted all our time by making this useless video. Well.. he says to be careful not to make such mistakes again. She is a cook. Her life is in danger. Karthik says please increase security.

Tell me who you suspect. SI says he will take action against them. Karthik looks at Monita saying that. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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