Karthika Deepam 16 Nov Today Episode: Soundarya Is Shocked To See Karthik And Deepa At Monita’s House, Soundarya Is Happy To Know That They Are Alive: The latest episode of Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today’s 16th November 2022, Wednesday episode 1511. Deepa could really be my wife. Karthik says to Monita that’s why you are trying to remove his barrier. No Karthik.. you are my husband. Monita says Deepa is not her husband. After that, both Deepa and Durga get suspicious of Karthik. Deepamma says to Durga that Karthik really remembers his past. Deepa says yes, Durga feels the same me too. Karthik’s behavior towards Monita seems to be the same. But.. how to know that he remembered the past. Deepa thinks that he should say it himself.

Karthika Deepam 16 November 2022 Full Episode

On the other hand, Indra again leaves for the town he has been to. Meanwhile, Shaurya says she will also come. Indra says no, your grandmother and grandfather will see you there. What is not with this? I will come too. Shaurya says at least I will not miss any chance to go out. As Chandramma says that she will also come, the three of them leave together again for Deepa and Karthik’s village. On the other hand, Monita, who went there while Deepa was leaving to buy things, warns Deepa again. She threatens to kill you. Because of this, you should have been burnt in the temple yesterday, but Deepa says that you survived and leaves.

On the other hand, Monita angrily goes to the restaurant and steals the food. Eats a lot of food. Customers are shocked to see the food he eats in anger. Deepa brings the stuff and sits very angry. Karthik sees him sitting in the house without even taking the lock.

Karthik says what happened.. you are sitting without even taking the lock. Then the caller came again and gave a warning and left. Deepa says she will kill me. Karthik gets shocked by this. Don’t take Monita’s words seriously. He comforts her saying that he knows about her.

Karthika Deepam 16 Nov Today Episode: Indra, Chandramma, and Shaurya come back to the old town

Monita asks the hotel staff to bring the bill after eating the food. They will say that she paid your bill. If you look, she is not who she is.. Soundarya. Monita is shocked to see him. Aunt Meera.. asks what are you doing here.

But after that, you ate so much food. Soundarya says that whether you are angry.. or happy.. Even when you are angry, you eat the same food. Aunty says that it is not the same.. I was hungry and ate.

Soundarya says let’s go to your house later. Monita says alas.. why go home.. let’s go to some hotel and talk. Why is there anything you don’t want to see in your house? He was also confused when he came the other day.

She says that even if I come now, you are getting confused. What is wrong with this? It’s called a boutique. I will follow your car. It is not good at all if you put on a lot of pretenses. Soundarya says she will come behind you. Monita does not understand what to do with this.

On the other hand, Indra, Chandramma, and Shaurya go to the old village by auto. This village is good, Baba. Shaurya says it would have been better to stay here. Should we stay here? He says let’s come again. Do not like this, Babai. Shaurya says if I stay here, surely grandma and grandpa will come.

The other day, since my grandmother was gone, it was enough. She says that if my grandmother had come, she would have tied my hands and feet and taken me away. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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