Karthika Deepam 15 Nov Today Episode: Soundarya Meets Monita, Goes Home, And Sees Karthika And Deepa, Soundarya Is Shocked: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 15 November 2022, Tuesday episode 1510. What is Karthik doing? Monita thinks where is Karthik going? Meanwhile, Karthik gets a phone call and says that he will come in the evening..get everything ready. Monita thinks about where is he going in the evening. Monita thinks that the old Monita should be taken out. Meanwhile, Karthik comes and asks where is Anand. Monica says what Anand? Karthik says you are crazy. Monita says Karthik do you remember this. Karthik says he thought he sent Shivalata home. She asks where is Anand. Monita says no. She sent it. He asks where did you send it and when did you send it.

Monita says I gave the child to my friend. Karthik gets shocked by this. I will take it when there is no one between us. Monita says because you are busy now. So why send Babu with a friend to another country.. Who are his friends abroad? If he suspected that I remembered the past. That is why the test is being done. What happened in the temple yesterday will be suspicious. Karthik thinks it should be covered carefully. On the other hand, Deepa and Durga are both drinking tea.. Deepa asks if you see any change in Dr. Babu. He says that many changes are seen with this.

Deepa asks if you feel like Dr. Babu has remembered his past. Durga says Deepamma doesn’t feel like that. Deepa says it seems like Dr. Babu remembers the past.

If he knew, Monita would have taken you to Hyderabad, says Durga. Durga says the day Karthik sir will know the truth.. Monita will end.

Karthika Deepam 15 Nov Today Episode: Deepa says to Karthik you are my husband

On the other hand, Soundarya comes from the village. Hima says Nanamma is Anand. Ananda Rao asks Soundarya how was the journey. Soundarya says that it happened well.

Soundarya asks if she is spending time with her younger brother properly. Hima says that he has a younger brother. You don’t know that monita. Soundarya says that she will fall on the house at any moment and take her away.

Even now she did not give it. Hima says we lifted it ourselves. Soundarya says Monita will do anything for needs. You tell grandma what happened. Hima says to bring Shaurya anyway.

She asks what happened. You are very tired after traveling. Ananda Rao says let’s talk later. On the other hand, Durga says that she will not leave Monita at all and squeezes Monita’s clothes, and speaks furiously.

Will that Walther seek to take my life by voice? Saying that Deepa gets serious. Karthik hears that. She asks what happened. Deepa says I survived because Durga sensed it earlier.

Why didn’t you tell me this earlier, says Karthik? Let’s say how much. Don’t you know that I am in danger of death because of Monita? You saved yourself once. Deepa says Durga saved him this time.

Deepa says my life is far from luck. My headache is not changing. I don’t understand why my life turned out like this. Even though the married husband is in front of me, he does not know that I am his wife.

You know I am your wife. But.. can’t tell. You are there for everything. Deepa cries saying, “But.. I don’t remember the past and I don’t remember me.”

Everything is my karma, Dr. Babu. My karma says Deepa. He thinks that Monita will not let you live if he knows that I remember the past. They are trying to kill me because I am your wife.

Deepa says think once Dr. Babu. Karthik immediately goes home and gets serious about Monita. Karthik says you are not so sorry. Karthik says that the cook is not your wife. You are behaving like my wife.

Soundarya meets Monita on the other hand. Pada says let’s go home and talk. Does Soundarya see Karthik and Deepa at home? To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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