Karthika Deepam 14 Nov Today Episode: What Will Karthik Do When He Learns The Truth That Monita Is Going To Kill Deepa With Waltheru Vani?: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 14 November 2022, Monday episode 1509. Today it must be one of the two of you. But Monita says if Karthik is not you. it should be one of the two. Deepa gets serious. This makes Deepa angry. Stop.. she will give a warning to Namor and leave. On the other hand, Hima is playing with Anand. Ananda Rao says your grandmother is coming. What is Shaurya thinking? If the parents are alive. Hima says they are there. Shaurya already left with this idea. Ananda Rao says will you also leave? Hima says that it would be better if her parents were alive. Ananda Rao says that they are not there. They will not come.

On the other hand, Deepa comes to Koneru to leave the lamps in Koneru and closes her eyes, and performs pooja. Meanwhile, Monita comes there. Will you give me a warning? Monita thinks that now I will see your end. Putting aside the lamps in her hands.. she is going to throw herself into the corner. Karthik, who just arrived, stopped him and said, “Hey, what are you doing?” He says he wants to take his life. Monita says yes. I will not let anyone live who comes between me and you. Why is he so angry? Karthik says why are you angry if he is doing pooja for his husband. Monica asks why did you light the lamps when she was doing pooja for her husband.

Something is wrong. Karthik says didn’t you give money yesterday. Now I have helped in putting up the lamps. End your games today. From today you must not meet the cook. Monita says not to talk.

Monita tells me Mativvu that she will not talk to Vanlakakka. Otherwise, it will take the lamp that is there. She says she will burn me here. Let no one come near. Tell Karthik that you will not talk to Vanlakak. Monita says otherwise I will burn her.

Burn it.. burn whatever you see. Dr. Babu will meet me. will speak There will be no change in this. If you can’t see it, burn it. Otherwise, tell me, and I will burn it. This scares Monita. Will you burn me? Listen in the temple. By this time tomorrow, only one of you and Dr. Babu will be left. Monita says that no one else should get what I don’t get and leaves from there.

Karthika Deepam 14 Nov Today Episode: Indra and Chandramma once again trusted Shaurya and cheated him.

On the other hand, Indra, Chandramma.. Shaurya wants to talk as if they are not listening to him. Indra says Jwalamma is doubting us. He says they think we don’t want to meet their grandparents.

Did we sell the auto? He says that they don’t like their parents. Can’t take it out immediately after asking like before? But.. the child became a gentleman. If you go outside, you will catch everyone’s attention. Chandramma is the only solution for this. He says that he needs to find out where his maternal grandparents are.

So Shaurya came there. Forgive me baba. Shaurya says to look for your grandparents when you want. On the other hand, Deepa is thinking about that Monita. Meanwhile, Karthik takes tiffin for himself. What have you not eaten since morning? He says eat this tiffin.

Monita is watching all this. Why Dr. Babu? Deepa says they brought it hard for me. So he says that you should not pick diamonds when you are hungry. If I was taking tiffin in a box in a hurry, I thought it was for someone. Monita thinks this is for cooking lacquer.

I am also fasting. Monica thinks she can feed me. On the other hand, in the morning, the lamp is blown in the temple. Meanwhile, the priest who comes there asks how the Kartika Puja will be done at night. What is the worship of the priest?

Deepa says my situation should not come to grudges. If she hears your situation, she will remember that Sitamma. His difficulties were like siblings. If we put our burden on God and move forward without fearing that difficulties have come, then at some point God will get us out of those difficulties.

The priest says that it needs some patience and goes to the temple from there. On the other hand, Monita gets tensed about whether Karthik remembers his past or not. Karthik listens to Durga talking about Waltheru Vani. Walther Vani tried to kill you? After knowing that, he immediately goes to Monita and becomes serious. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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