Karthika Deepam 11 Nov Today Episode: Finally, Monita, Who Planned To Kill Both Karthik And Deepa, Will She Kill Both Of Them And Commit Suicide?: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see the highlights of today 11 November 2022, Friday episode 1507. Monita is shocked to see Ananda Rao coming to her house. Hima is playing with Anand. She wants to take Babu. Come in.. says Ananda Rao. On the other hand, the tension will start as to where Karthik will come to Monita. She says she will keep Hima Babu for a few days. Karthik asks what happened if Babu was given. If not given, they cannot leave. Anything can be said about Babu. Monita thinks that they should be sent away from here first. Shivalata Babu says changes her clothes and says I will come right now and goes outside.

Karthika Deepam 11 November 2022 Full Episode

Monita thinks that none of Karthik, Deepa, and Durga should be allowed to come towards the house. Meanwhile, Deepa goes home and asks where Kartik is. Deepa says that he left. Durga asks where. Do you want Durga? Want Karthik? Deepa asks. Answer me directly, and asks where he is. Deepa says why are you coming and searching in our house if you stay in your house. With this, Monita runs towards the house again. Ananda Rao asks Shivalata where did your madam go? She says that she went here. Meanwhile, Monita sees Karthik about to enter the house. Monita calls Karthik and says stop. Monita says don’t go inside.

Whatever happens, do not disturb your solitude. Karthik says to come back in two or three hours. Monita says that our Shiva has had an accident. The car hit. She says that she is very serious and is going to take Karthik in the car. Meanwhile, Shiva comes there. Karthik is shocked to see Shiva.

What happened to you? He says you are fine. Shiva is fine. Karthik asks Monita why she said there was an accident. Shiv says madam, I am afraid of getting into an accident.

Who actually called you? Karthik says show me that phone. This increases the tension of the speaker. Monita says some unknown number is Karthik. Is it your plan to send me away from here? Is there anything inside that I don’t want to see? Karthik says who is inside.

Karthika Deepam 11 Nov Today Episode: Ananda Rao and Hima left before Karthik went inside

Monita says Karthik has no one. But.. Karthik doesn’t listen. He is going to go inside but not himself. He goes inside. But.. there is no one. Shivalata already sends Ananda Rao and Hima. Karthik asks if Anand is still crying.

Now why about me Karthik? Monica stops him and asks if I can get anything. Meanwhile, Shiva comes and the madam who told me that I had an accident, Shiva says madam. Monita asks Shiva to touch his cheek.

If you don’t come on time. If you stop for half an hour, what is your money? Monita says you have spoiled everything and leave. After that Shivalata tells the real thing. You told their father that Karthik sir is dead. Now if Karthik sir comes you will be caught in the crossfire.

That’s why you thought to send them away immediately even if they gave away Babu. Shivalata says that’s why I sent them both behind before Karthik sir came. She thought that no one should know about this matter, but she thinks that she knows.

Monita says don’t tell anyone. She says she won’t tell. Monita thinks that I should avoid all of them and make sure that only I and Karthik are together. On the other hand, Indra and Chandramma say to Shaurya that we are going to set up a grocery shop.

So tell the truth, Baba. Why did you sell the auto? How to find parents Shaurya says you have changed your pin. Indra says that this town has come for you. Shaurya says I will admit it but.. there has been a lot of change in you.

On the other hand, Monita can’t bear this tension and thinks that if she kills one of Deepa and Karthik, she can be calm. Monita plans the time to light the lamps on the occasion of Kartika Poornima. He tells Deepa the same thing. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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