c 10 Nov Today Episode: Will Karthik Tell Them That Deepa Is Also There? Karthik Is Shocked To See Ananda Rao And Himanu At Monita’s House: The latest episode of Karthika Deepam serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 10th November 2022, Monday Episode 1506. In the morning, after locking the house, she goes to the temple and sweeps the entire temple. If you sweep like this every day, everything will be good for you, says the priest. Also, today is the full moon of Kartika.. He says it is good to light 365 wattles today. Janaki says Panthulagaru is fine with this. Monita follows herself saying that Deepa wakes up in the morning and where she goes. At first glance, one wonders if it does all this. On the other hand, Karthik thinks about where did Deepi go. She goes and asks Pantu but.. Pantu doesn’t tell. She asks what is the use of lighting 365 candles.

Karthika Deepam 10 November 2022 Full Episode

Why is Monita so smart? Does Deepa want to remove the barrier? Karthik thinks. Where is the cooking lacquer? He asks have you seen it? I saw this. Near the temple. Monita says that she was seen sweeping the temple.

Monita says that the entire temple is being swept and washed with water. You can pass the time with the small things given by the devotees who come and go. Monita says Karthik thinks it is the most begging situation. This makes Karthik emotional.

Karthika Deepam 10 Nov Today Episode: Shaurya suspects Indra who sold the auto

When Karthik asks what happened, Karthik leaves. Deepa is fulfilling the needs. He is thinking that he is in trouble. Doubt thinks that Karthik has remembered the past.

On the other hand, Shaurya asks if Babai Sangareddy should go. He says let’s go to the first bus tomorrow morning. Shaurya says why there is an auto. He says that he sold the auto.

Why the girl says. Due to this, the back pain was caused by pushing the auto. She says that the doctor told her to stop pushing the auto. Shaurya thinks why have they changed like this, let’s find their parents.

On the other hand, Deepa comes home. Meanwhile, Dr. Babu comes. Karthik asks are you sweeping near the temple. This is true Dr. Babu. Deepa says I vowed that I will sweep God’s temple till my child is seen.

Isn’t it the full moon of Kartika? She asks that she needs some money to light 365 candles in the temple. Don’t worry about this again. Don’t worry about money. Monita, who was about to give the money, said, “Keep this money for now” and grabs the money.

This is why Karthik has pledged the gold. This cooking lacquer is said to be sticky. Karthik, do you understand what you are doing? If you ask me for money, why do you ask me and give it to this woman as a pledge of gold?

Monita says has your relationship gone that far. Monita deliberately provokes Karthik. Why do you have to give money to the cook? Monita says if this is begging, then what will happen to you?

Karthik asks Monita to kiss her cheek. Do you have any sense? Whatever comes to the mouth is speaking. Are you doing puja today? For whom is your husband? That is, for whom it is not for me.

As you are doing for your husband.. she is doing it for her husband. Karthik says what is wrong with this? If you don’t have money for the puja, you are the opposite, so if you give a little money, will you have a relationship that will not disappear? says Karthik.

Meanwhile, Durga comes. Monita are you here? He says he is looking for you there. He says how are these shoes. Then she asks me, how are your shoes?

Your shoes are not good because of this.. Did you give ten thousand to buy shoes? Durga says why are you talking like that. This makes Karthik angry. Karthik says you can give 10 thousand to Durga to buy shoes but.. shouldn’t I give 10 thousand to Vanalakka to do puja.

Give that money to Monita Vanlanakka. Karthik says give it with your hand. Durga also says give it. So Monita gives the money to Deepa with her own hands. After that it leaves from there.

If cut, Hima and Ananda Rao will come to see Anand. It is said that we will take the younger brother with us. Meanwhile, seeing Karthik coming from outside, Monita stops him from entering the house.

Who’s inside? Karthik is going to go inside saying why are you not letting me come. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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