Karthika Deepam 1 Nov Today Episode: Karthik, Indra Who Cheated Deepa, Chandramma, They Showed Another Girl Instead Of Shaurya: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial is released. Now let’s see today 1st November 2022, Tuesday episode 1498 highlights. Karthik follows Indra in the car. Karthik gets tensed about whether Shaurya is there. Meanwhile, Karthik and Deepa come to Indra’s house. Both get down from the car. Both of them think that Shaurya is there. On the other hand, Shaurya has a celebration going on inside. Seeing that Indra has come, Chandramma comes out. Doctor Babu, my mind is telling me why. Deepa says my baby is here. Meanwhile, Indra says come.. come inside. He takes the pastries brought by Deepa and puts them there. Meanwhile, why shouldn’t you go outside when Shaurya is about to get up and leave? Chandramma says Dishti will hit. Shaurya says Pinni felt like someone came. Chandramma says that this is a function at home. Many people come. Chandramma tells the people there to take her inside.

Chandramma comes out. I don’t know why mom looked at Deepa. She says that she gave a bottle of water to our flame that day. Chandramma says about Jwala that this festival would not have happened in our house if Jwalamma had not been there. Indra says that if there is a child-like Jwala, there will be happiness in any house, Chandramamma. Ok.. he says show the baby. With this, Chandramma says that she will take a baby called Ganda. This will shock Deepa and Karthik. Even Indra gets shocked. Our girl Jwala is Chandramma. Deepa says this girl is your girl. Yes, my mother. If the first child died in Purity, after many prayers, this child was born again four years later. Chandramma says that Jwala was born when Jwala prayed to Narasimhaswamy, so we named Jwala.

This lady gave you a bottle of fresh water at the bus stand that day. Another day, if you tell me about the goods, she will write it down. This is selling. Jwala says thank you.. I mean thank you, mom. After that bring the Akshintas and bless them says Amma Chandramma.

Both Deepa and Karthik bless the girl with this. Deepa says keep cool mother. Deepa says we will leave crying. Chandramma says just do it and go. Deepa says that we have come to see the baby.

Karthika Deepam 1 Nov Today Episode: Deepa cried after seeing the flames

Deepa comes out and cries near the car. On the other hand, Shaurya comes out thinking that Babai has come. Pada.. let’s go says Karthik. Chandramma takes Shaurya inside as she is about to come out. Takes it inside and closes the door.

Meanwhile, Karthik and Deepa leave from there. Chandramma says what did you do after that.. We thought we should give Jwalamma to them. That means I didn’t agree. Chandramma says that the fear of what will happen to you is more than them.

She says I saw how you are behaving since they said they will come home. Indra says, can you leave Jwalamma and stay? Our child is gone. We have suffered for many years. Ganda says Chandramma, I believe that we can make you forget that pain with our love.

Forget whose child Jwalamma is from now on. Our child. They will not come to our house from now on. But.. we just need to be a little careful. The flame is out of their sight. Don’t make a mistake and mention this to Jwalamma. Chandrama says ok.

On the other hand, Deepa goes home crying in the car. Why Shaurya is not there? Shaurya Gone. Deepa says I heard. Otherwise, why would I say Shaurya is Gone so surely? Deepa says if I don’t believe that it is my child.. why will I go for someone else’s child thinking it is my child.

Deepa says she is doubting whether the real Shaurya is here. He says that it is there. It is definitely there. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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