Karthi: The Story Of ‘Sardar’ Is Very Surprising: Spy action thriller ‘Sardar’ is being produced by S Laxman Kumar under the Prince Pictures banner in the combination of hero Karthi and Abhimanyudu fame director PS Mithran. Rashi Khanna and Rajisha Vijayan star in Sardaar. The film will release in Telugu and Tamil languages ​​on October 21 as a gift for Diwali. King Akkineni Nagarjuna Annapurna Studios is releasing this movie on a massive scale in the Telugu states. In this context, hero Karthi shared the special features of ‘Sardar’ in a press conference.

Ponniin hit a blockbuster with Selvan, Sardar is coming in a little gap.. how do you feel?

Ponniin Selvan should come in the summer. Although it came a little late, it was a great success. A film after Ponniyin Selvan should definitely be something new and special. Sardaar is coming as an Indian spy thriller. For the first time, they are seen in the role of father and son. There are many getups as per the story. What I have learned so far is like a test. (Laughs). Director Mithran has brilliantly shown how a stage actor who grew up in a village became a spy. The story takes place in 1980, and that world has been captured very wonderfully. A lot of research was done on this film. Mitran showed the digital crime world in Abhimanyudu. Wasn’t that shockingly new? Sardar also has many interesting elements. Didn’t we show a file missing in the trailer… It contains some important things for us to live. Sardar had no idea about it before hearing the story. It is believed that some normal habits will change after watching this movie.

How did you prepare for the role of the father in Sardaar?

I asked my father Gari about the changes in the body in 60 years. But he has a habit of yoga. Because of that, there are no changes in his body. I asked Nasser. A few things said a little trouble climbing stairs, and a lot of air coming out of the mouth when talking. You can look like an old man if you wear a getup. But Sardar action should also be done. A clear distinction should be made between the roles of the Sardar and the Police. I enjoyed this movie a lot. When we made the film Khaidi, we decided that it should be like a Hollywood film. Sardar was also presented like a Hollywood movie. This is a challenging role in my career. Cameraman George showed a new world. 1980 World was created. GV Prakash Kumar gave outstanding music. This film has different layers. Sardar’s character does not expect anything from society. Works for the country. Police character needs publicity for every little thing. There is a lot of difference between these two characters.

Is the story of Sardar inspired by true events?

The character of Sardar is designed with the inspiration of a real character. A stage actor born here worked as a general in Pakistan. Sardar wrote the story as inspiration.

Will the audience like Sardar Family?

Sardar is a movie that connects everyone. On Diwali, the whole family can enjoy Sardar together. Laila’s character has a son in it. There is a lot of humor in that character. A character who made the spy world believable. Films like Sardar are rare. It will be enjoyed by all.

A film like Sardaar has a pan-India possibility, right?

Yes. Sardaar is a movie with universal appeal. Chunky Pandey, who played the villain in this movie, has been saying that this is a Pan India movie since day one. Now some movies are ready for release in Hindi. There is an idea to release it in Bollywood after a week.

Do you have any doubt as to how the audience will receive it when you make different and huge films?

In fact, I am doing such huge films with the trust given by the audience. Kashmora, Khaki, Khaidhi, and Ponniyin Selvan are all popular films. With the encouragement given by them, the enthusiasm to do different films is coming.

When are you making a direct film in Telugu?

I am listening to some stories. Actually, I don’t think Telugu is any other industry. This is my own house. It is like coming home from mom’s house. (laughs)

Acted with Nagarjuna in Upiri.. Sardar Nagarjuna is releasing it.. How do you feel?

Nagarjuna’s elder brother is very comfortable. He takes care of everything for the film. I am loved a lot. After seeing the trailer, they sent a message that they are very promising. I will always be grateful to him.

The stories are selected keeping pan India in mind..will this pressure be on you?

In fact, it would not have come if there was a pan-India plan. We need to see what our audience likes first. Rajamouli made Baahubali for the Telugu audience. It went to Pan World. If the movie and concept are good, it will automatically play pan India.

What do you like about director PS Mithran?

Mitran has a good personality. I like his desire as a director to show a strong point to society. He will take the idea of who gave it. There is no ego. The director is missing for the betterment of the film. His research is very good.

How did Surya react to Sardar?

Brother was very surprised to see the trailer. He said that it seems like a big movie with strong content.

Four movies are coming for Diwali? What kind of meme do you think?

In the past ten films have also come out. (Laughs). There is no such thing as a meme. If the movie is good, I believe you will definitely watch it.

When is Prisoner 2?

They are asking about Delhi even if they go to Delhi (smiling). After Vikram, expectations on this have increased. We will do it soon.

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