Karishma Kapoor's marriage was discussed in this family before the Bachchan family, will be surprised to know the name

Karishma Kapoor, the famous actress of her era, married Delhi-based businessman Sanjay Kapoor in the year 2003. The wedding was celebrated with great fanfare in Punjabi customs, which dominated the media for several days, but it is also not hidden from anyone that Karishma had a relationship with Abhishek before her marriage to Sanjay Kapoor. The engagement was also done. But this relationship broke down at the last moment. However, what was the real reason for the break up of the real relationship, it is known only by the Bachchan and Kapoor family, but there are many types of theory in the media. But do you know that before Abhishek Bachchan, Karisma’s relationship was sent to another Bollywood family.
There was talk of relationship with this actor
Karishma Kapoor’s marriage was discussed in this family before the Bachchan family, will be surprised to know the name
According to media reports, Karishma Kapoor’s relationship with Abhishek Bachchan was talked about by Akshaye Khanna, son of the famous actor Vinod Khanna of his time. This relationship was also sent on behalf of Karisma’s father Randhir Kapoor. But it is said that actress Karishma’s mother Babita did not like this relationship. At that time, she did not want her daughter to compromise even a little bit about her career. That is why if we talk about this relationship, then I could not reach the end.
Babita only broke Karishma’s relationship with Abhishek?
abhishek bachchan-karishma kapoor
According to some reports in the media, Karisma Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan were also the reason for the break up of the relationship. He felt that Karisma’s career would end after marriage in the Bachchan family. That is why they finally broke this relationship. Although there is so much truth in these news, only the Bachchan family or the Kapoor family knows it. But Karishma’s marriage with Sanjay Kapoor also failed. Shortly after marriage, differences began to appear between the two. But an attempt was made to maintain the relationship. Eventually, both of them divorced in 2016. Today, Karishma lives in Mumbai with her two children.


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