Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan had a second child on 21 February 2021. The couple has not yet announced the name of their second son and no photo of the child has been shared on social media. Family members have the opportunity to see the newborn child, but Sharmila Tagore is yet to meet the child.

Sharmila Tagore has been in the Pataudi Palace since the epidemic and recently got her vaccinated. She did an interview with the Ladies Study Group, where Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed that she misses her a lot. 


Kareena, one of the most beautiful and gracious women in the world,  praised her mother-in-law, saying, “When there is talk about such an icon and legend, what is left to say?” The whole world knows that my mother-in-law, whom I am fortunate to be called my mother-in-law, is one of the most beautiful and gentle women to step on earth. But I am lucky to know them more deeply, they are warm, loving, caring. They are not the same for their children, but also for their grandchildren and daughters-in-law. “


Hoping to meet soon,
Kareena further revealed that she could not meet much during the epidemic and she hopes that Sharmila Tagore will soon meet her newborn grandson. Kareena said, “It is a fact that this whole year is gone and we have not really been able to give as much time as we used to give earlier. You have not been able to see new members joining our family but we are waiting for you to come and spend some time together. ”   


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