Kareena Kapoor Khan Takes To The Bed Revealed About Truth Saif Ali Khan Taimur And Wine

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has recently given birth to a son. Now she has once again reached the set of the show. The name of this new one is Star VS Food. A special video of Kareena has also surfaced. In this video, Kareena is seen making pizza. She revealed that she wanted to eat the most pizza during pregnancy. Apart from this, Bebo also discussed many things about her family.

According to the Indian Express, Kareena told, ‘I usually had a lot of interest to eat pizza and pasta during pregnancy. It was very strange for both my boys. Taimur and Saif love to be in the kitchen and play the role of incharge of music. He loves listening to jazz music. When the whole world was learning to cook, Saif used to try new food with food at home.

Kareena also spoke about her family’s passion for food. He said, ‘Whenever we sit at the table, I feel that I am the oldest family in Italy, we are screaming. We are eating, drinking, laughing because food is the thing that gives happiness. ‘

During one episode, the 40-year-old actress talks with her friends Tanya, Shibani and Anushka and explains what she takes to her bed. Kareena says, ‘I take a bottle of wine, pajamas and Saif Ali Khan on the bed.’ The actress posted a teaser of her special show on Insta earlier this week. The audience was already very excited about this show.



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