Karathika Purnima: Shaivite Shrines Resounding With The Remembrance Of Shivanama: Karthika Purnima holds great importance in Hindu tradition. This full moon is also known as a trip full moon. It is a legend that Lord Shiva killed Tripurasura on this day. However. Since then Shankara is also known as Tripurari. This time Kartika Poornima is on Tuesday, November 8. However, the temples will be closed on the same day due to the lunar eclipse. Due to this, the devotees are celebrating the full moon of Kartika a day earlier. However.. last month with a solar eclipse on Diwali day.. Diwali celebrations were celebrated a day earlier as per the instructions of Vedic scholars. Now with the lunar eclipse coming on Kartika Poornima.. a day earlier in Shaivakshetras Kartika Poornima is visible. However, the Shaiva Kshetras were flooded with devotees as it was Monday along with Kartika Purnima. With this, the Shiva temples are resounding with the name of Shiva.

However, in the Prakasam district, the crowd of devotees increased at the Shaivalayas on the occasion of Kartika Monday. Devotees flocked to Tripurantaka, Bhairavakona, Sopirala, Ongolu Kashi Visveswara Swamy, Rajarajeswara Swamy, Podili Sri Nirmamaheswara Swamy Devasthanam. Sun rays will directly touch Swami from now on in Bogalingeswara Swamy temple along with Sriganga Parvathi in Vetapalem Naianipalli in Bapatla. Sun rays will touch Swami for a week. Due to this, a large number of devotees are coming to visit Swami.

Monday, your sorrows and hardships will be removed.
On the occasion of Kartika Monday in Kakinada, there is a rush of devotees at Pancharamalu. The temples of Draksha Rama and Kumara Rama Bhimeswara Swamy were crowded with devotees. Shaivalayas are resounding with Abhishekals and special pujas of devotees and Shiva Namasmaranas from early morning.

There is a rush of devotees in the presence of Annavaram Satyadev. On the occasion of Kartika Monday, devotees are flocking to perform fasts and darshans from early morning. Bathing ghats in Rajahmundry are crowded with devotees due to Kartika Purnima. Thousands of devotees flocked to Godavari to take a Kartika bath. Devotees light Kartika lamps in the river Godavari after bathing and remembering Lord Shiva. Due to this, the police made strict security arrangements.

On the occasion of Kartika Purnima, a special aarti will be held for the Godavari river in the East Godavari district today. Under the auspices of Annavaram Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Devasthanam, a special full moon arati will be given as part of Godavari Nityaharati. Besides.. The Laksh Dipotsava program will be organized in first road Kashi Visveshwara temple on the occasion of Kartika Poornima in Anantapur district. Special pooja will be performed in Sivakasi.

On the occasion of Kartika Monday in Tirupati, there is a rush of devotees at Srikalahasti and Kapilatheerdam. Temples are resounding with abhishekals and special pujas of devotees and Shiva namasmaranas from early morning. A Nadiharati program will be organized on the banks of the Amaravati Krishna river in Guntur today on the occasion of Kartika Purnima. On the occasion of Kartika Poornima, a rafting ceremony will be held today on the banks of the Krishna river in Amaravati. In Madakasira of Sri Sathyasai district, Kritikotsava was organized in Shiva temples to celebrate Kartika Poornima today. Apart from this, the festival of flowers, Lakshdeepotsavam and Jwalathoranam will be organized in celebration of the month of Kartika at the Yallamma temple in Hindupuram town.


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