An ad from the jewelery company Tanishq has been circulated on social media platforms. This ad was described as promoting terms like love jihad and there was a huge protest on social media. After this, Tanishq had to remove that ad. Now Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s reaction has also come on this whole matter. Kangana has also opposed Tanishq and has reacted to this ed.

Kangana while expressing her views on this Ed wrote – The concept of Ed was not as wrong as his execution was wrong. A Hindu religion girl was married in a Muslim family. The girl is asking her mother-in-law in an alarmed tone that this ritual is not considered here, so why is it happening again? Isn’t she from that house? Why does he have to ask this. Why is she looking so muffled in her own house. Embarrassing.

Kangana did not stop here. After this, he made two more tweets on this issue. Kangana condemned Tanishq’s ed in many other ways. He said- This ed is wrong in many ways. The woman who is already living in the house got approval when the heir of the house came in her womb. What is the importance of his home This ad not only promotes love jihad but also promotes sexism.

People warned about Hinduism

Apart from this, Kangana cautioned the people of Hinduism, “As a Hindu, we must also stay away from this artistic style of terrorists who are trying to bring such changes in our mood.” It has become very important that we examine every single thought around us and try to know how much such ideology can affect us and how much we can harm us. This is the only way through which we can save our civilization.



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