Kangana Ranaut was angry at the CEO of Twitter, said- Jack Chacha is afraid of me because ...

Actress Kangana Ranaut on Saturday heard the company CEO Jack Dorsi on Twitter for partially banning his account, and taunted him. Kangana tweeted on Saturday, “I am partially banned because Uncle Jack and his team are scared of me. They cannot suspend me and even let me openly expose them everyday. I can gather followers here Or I have not come to promote myself. I am here for my country and that is the problem with them. ”

Earlier on Friday, Kangana also took a dig at her former alleged boyfriend Hrithik Roshan. Actually, the crime branch has sent a summons to the actor and asked him to come to his office in Mumbai to record his statement on 27 February. This is the case of the year 2016, when Hrithik complained about sending more than 100 emails from Kangana’s account.

Reacting to this, Kangana tweeted, “Where did the world come from, but my stupid X is still there, at the same point where this time is not going to come back again.”


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