On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, actress Kangana Ranot reminded her fans that her film ‘Judicial Hai Kya’ influenced the shopkeepers of depression. On World Mental Health Day, actress Kangana Ranot encouraged fans to watch her film ‘Judicial Hai Kya’ but at the same time she has indirectly sarcasmized those running depression shops.

It is worth noting that Kangana has targeted Deepika Padukone before this. During the release of this film, the title of the film was forced to change. The title of this film was originally ‘Mantle Hai Kya’. The classes protested.

Kangana wrote in a tweet on Saturday, ‘The film we made for mental health awareness was dragged to the court run by the Depression shop. Due to this, the name of the film had to be changed before the release, which led to marketing complications. Thea but it is a good film and can still be seen today. Criticism from mental health experts led the filmmakers to change the title. In a statement, a spokesperson for Balaji Telefilms said, “We have no intention of sensitizing about the subject of mental health and hurting or hurting anyone’s feelings and that is why the makers have changed the title of the film ‘Mantle Hai Kya'”. Has decided. Now it will be known as ‘Judicial Hai Kya’.

The Indian Psychiatric Society had filed an official complaint to CBFC President Prasoon Joshi, seeking information on how the film was about mental health. Kangana Ranot is a film actress and has worked in many Bollywood films. She is playing an important role in the film being made on Jayalalithaa’s life.



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