Kangana Ranaut told this author that I am illiterate and stupid

New Delhi: Actress Kangana Ranaut is often in controversies about her statements. Recently, he made a statement about the policies of US President Joe Biden, after which the famous writer Aseem Chhabra called him stupid and illiterate. Kangana was infuriated after Aseem’s statement and he has responded via Twitter. He said that my tweets are for people with high IQ. I do not have much time to explain to every puppet.

Know what was the whole matter

Actually, on February 26, Kangana Ranaut tweeted, questioning the policies of US President Joe Biden. Kangana tweeted, “Trump had withdrawn US troops from foreign territories. He openly stated that the US had no right to moral policing on the world. But as soon as the Communists gained power, Trump’s voice Medication given. Now they have come out for a bloody struggle. Right now you are laughing at Iran, but soon it will be your turn. ”

Aseem Chhabra had told Kangana the illiterate and stupid

After this tweet by Kangana, writer Aseem Chhabra got very angry and he described Kagna as illiterate. He tweeted, “How can this woman be so stupid! How can she use the word Communist. She is the most perfect example of a person who is directionless, illiterate and stupid. They think they know everything.” I have not yet recovered from his use of the word ‘Red Indian’. ”

Kangana gave this answer to Aseem

Kangana was also infuriated after Aseem’s tweet. He responded by tweeting, “My tweets are for high IQ level people. I don’t have much time to explain to every puppet. I have limited words and time. I don’t understand that like you Why are you fools getting so excited? Redhead was not for you. Don’t you know that brands are Native American. ”

Kangana is in controversy regarding her tweets

This is not the first time Kangana Ranaut has come on target of people with her tweet. She often disputes controversial tweets. A few days ago, he shared pictures of Nathuram Godse, which caused a lot of ruckus.


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