The Karnataka High Court on Thursday slammed the Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut in a Twitter post calling the farmers protesting against the agricultural laws a terrorist. However, the court has also quashed the FIR filed against the actress by a Tumkuru lawyer and farmer.

Advocate Ramesh Naik said that the High Court had made a strong comment on the actress and questioned her right to make such remarks. Naik quoted Justice HP Sandesh as saying, “Who gave you the power to talk like this?” How did you call farmers as terrorists? ”

“Celebrities should control their tongue while giving statements,” Naik was quoted as saying by the judge. He said that the FIR was canceled due to procedural lapses and not on merit.

Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut tweeted on 21 September, when the peasant movement was at its peak. The post wrote, “Those who spread misinformation and rumors about CAA, which lead to riots are the same people who are now spreading misinformation about farmers’ bills and creating terror in the country.” They are terrorists. You know well what I said, but like to spread misinformation. ”

Kangana later clarified that she did not call the farmer a terrorist. People were challenged to prove it. Kangana further wrote, “Just as Lord Krishna has a Narayani army, Pappu has his own Champu army who knows how to fight only on the basis of rumors. This is my original tweet, if anyone can prove that I called farmers terrorists, I will apologize and leave Twitter forever. ”


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