Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is busy shooting for the film ‘Dhakad’ these days. Kangana has been sharing pictures from the film’s set for the past few days, making it clear that this time fans will get to see Kangana’s full on action avatar. In such a situation, Kangana has once again shared a picture from the shooting set, along with it she has written something special about her routine and director.

Kangana shared a picture on social media. In this picture, along with Kangana, the director of the film Dhakad, Rajneesh Ghai is seen. Kangana wrote in the caption of the photo, ‘Night shift on the 10th day without stopping, morning after working 14 hours, but our director believes that you give me blood, I will give you freedom. So I am yours … let it come. ‘ Along with this, Kangana has written #Dhaakad in the caption.

Please tell that in this picture, blood and mud are seen on Kangana’s face. In such a situation, this picture is clicked after the action sequence. Kangana’s caption clearly shows that Rajneesh does not want any relaxation in action, while Kangana is also ready to overcome every challenge. Kangana’s new social media post is becoming increasingly viral.

Remind that recently Kangana wrote a tweet for PM Narendra Modi. Kangana wrote, ‘Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, do not make the mistake that Prithviraj Chauhan had done, the name of that mistake was forgiveness. Don’t apologize at all for Twitter. They were plotting for civil war in India. Along with her tweet, Kangana has also used #BanTwitterInIndia. Remind that before this, Kangana had also talked about leaving Twitter on the Ku app.

Significantly, Kangana is receiving threats to stop the shooting of Dhakad in Madhya Pradesh. The whole matter is of MP’s Betul where the Congress leader has said that Kangana will not allow the shooting of Dhakad if she does not apologize for her social media posts against the farmers. On the whole matter, Kangana Ranaut wrote a retweet to the news, “I have no interest in Netagiri, but it seems that the Congress will leave me as a leader.”


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